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Our Bangkok Patana Gymnasts will be competing at home this weekend in the FOBISA Championships.
Year 10 Drama students spent a lot of time preparing a performance for Year 4 children.
GCSE Drama
Year 1 at Samrong Market
Year 1 children have been shopping for healthy foods in Samrong Market.
When studying the Renaissance period and Michelangelo, things may not always seem the right way up.
Year 7 History
Interclass Basketball
Interclass Basketball in Key Stage 2 had students showing off the skills they had learnt in PE.
The school wore its orange and black with pride to celebrate this year's Tiger Spirit Day!
Tiger Day is Coming Soon!
Tiger Spirit Day will be held this Friday 2nd October. Get out your loudest RRROAAR!
Children in the Foundation Stage have been learning all about the natural world.
The Natural World in Foundation Stage
Helping Hand Lunch
New Secondary students and their 'Helping Hands' were treated to lunch by the PTG (Parent Teachers Group).
The school had a busy sporting weekend with many events including the Fun Run, Gymnastics and TigerPrawns swimming.
Sports Update, Go Tigers!
Clive Leach
Parents and students had a chance to learn some key techniques on how to be 'flourishing individuals' from Organisational Coach, Clive Leach.
The Naughty Bus got itself stuck in ice and Year 2 scientists have been investigating the best way to get it out.
Year 2 Science
Milkshake Mathematics
What is the best ratio of ingredients for a delicious milkshake? Year 7 students used Mathematics to investigate further.
Year 5 students enjoyed an exciting day of drama with a visiting theatre company.
Year 5 Drama
Wai Khru
Wai Khru ceremonies in Secondary and Primary demonstrate students' respect for their teachers.
Children in Year 3 have been celebrating Roald Dahl day!
Year 3 Celebrates Roald Dahl
Year 6 World Languages
Hola, Bonjour, Ni Hao! Year 6 students are learning about themselves and their families - but in different languages.
Dylan Wiliam, a renowned innovator in educational assessment, will be visiting school on Friday to share his knowledge.
Dylan Wiliam
University Visits
Yale and Cornell were amongst the universities that visited Bangkok Patana to speak to students about their progammes.
There are only a few days left to register for the 2015 Bangkok Patana Fun Run.
Have You Registered for the Fun Run?