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Year 5 Library Grand Prix Winners!
Year 5 has been declared the winner of the inaugural Library Grand Prix Challenge.
We were pleased to host a Farmers' Market once again.
Home Languages
Our Home Language programme is one of way of celebrating the diversity of the school's many cultures.
The Dance Extravaganza once again left the audience amazed with the spectacular performances.
Dance Extravaganza
In Year 2, sometimes learning makes students' hair stand on end!
Do you want to build a beanstalk? Make ears for a mouse that talks? Then come and see us at Jack and the Beanstalk!
Jack and the Beanstalk
FS and KS1 Swimming Galas
The younger children in school have been demonstrating their techniques in the pool.
The Secondary Informal Concert helps students prepare for the upcoming external music exams.
Secondary Informal Concert
Treasure Maps
Looking for treasure? Year 7 students have some maps you can use.
Our Primary FOBISIA athletes showed their skill and strength over three days of sport.
Foundation Stage
Some of our youngest students have been working on their fine motor skills.
Year 9 students left their pens, books and laptops behind to practice First Aid.
Year 9 First Aid
OPEC Meeting
We were pleased to welcome representatives from the Thai Ministry of Education and other education departments.
A big thank you to the PTG for Staff Appreciation Day.
PTG STaff Appreciation Day
Careers Workshops
Two of our alumni currently studying at Yale University were in school to share some tips on studying in the US.
Year 3 students are learning to make 'canopic' jars in Art class.
Year 3 Clay
Olympic Volleyball Skills Clinic
Our volleyball players received some coaching from Olympic player David McKienzie.
Students in Year 1 learnt about making merit and giving respect.
Making Merit
Year 8 MFL
Year 8 students are travelling around the world in their Modern Foreign Language classes.
For Year 10 Art students, exam preparation is different from what they do in other subjects.
Year 10 Art