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Taiko Drumming
Can I perform as a member of an ensemble, with accurate technique and rhythm? Taiko drumming requires all of these skills and more.
Don't miss all the delicious food, drinks and much more at Friday's Farmers' Market!
Introduction to the Learning
Primary Year groups have been introducing parents to the academic year in sessions covering everything from curriculum to expectations.
Join us for the annual Fun Run at Ancient Siam, an event for the whole family! Registration is now open.
Fun Run 2016
New Humanities Block
We are 100% happy with the new facilities in the Mathematics and Humanities Block.
From Polar explorers to the school's 60th birthday, there was lots to get excited about in the Whole School Assembly.
Whole School Assembly
Term 1 is Underway!
Students were eager for their return to school as the new academic year got underway.
School was filled with excited faces as we welcomed new students and their families to Induction Day.
New Starters
New School Year
Did you think school was quiet during the holidays? It's been a hive of activity in preparation for the new academic year.
Congratulations to the Class of 2016 who earnt Bangok Patana School's best ever set of IB Diploma results.
2016 IB Results
Reserve Affairs Centre Honor
Bangkok Patana School honored with award from the Reserve Affairs Centre of Thailand.
Canteen staff are learning some new recipes and getting a chance to practise them before school starts.
Learning to Cook Indian Food
Health and Safety Award
Bangkok Patana was presented with a Health and Safety Award from the Government of Thailand.
There was lots to celebrate as well as some fond farewells during the end of year assembly.
End of Year Assembly
Busking Day
Primary students were showcasing their talents all in the name of charity.
Two days of Creativity, Action and Service for all in the Secondary School!
CAS for All
Year 4 Business Matters
Business really did matter to our Year 4 entrepreneurs this term as they created the ‘perfect businesses’.
Congratulations to all the students who received The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award this year!
Year 2 Sleepover
Year 2 slept soundly in their sleeping bags afer a host of sleepover activites wore them out!
The ‘Mrs Barton Acrobat Training Camp’ is teaching Year 1's the skills they need to join the circus!
Year 1 Acrobats