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Y13 Business Management
Year 13 Business Management students are presenting their Research Proposals for Internal Assessment.
This time, it has been Primary School parents who have been tasked with listening to teachers.
Primary Introduction to the Learning
Season 1 Try Outs
The Season 1 sports try outs have been well attended as students vie for team places
Our youngest learners are enjoying the start of the new school year in Foundation Stage.
Ready for Learning in  Foundation Stage
Come along to the first community Farmers' Market of the year from 2.30pm on Friday 28th August
The first whole school assembly provided an opportunity for a collective 'Welcome Back'!
Welcome Back Assembly
A Good Start in the Library
In the first week of school, students are establishing their routines, such as going to the Library.
Besides the excitement of a new school year, Secondary students were also looking forward to seeing the new facilities.
New Secondary Facilities
First Day of 2015/16
Our hallways and classrooms lit up with bright smiles and exuberance on the first day of the new school year.
Today we welcomed new students, joining us at the start of Term 1, and their families for a school induction.
Eager Tigers Begin Training
Some Patana Tigers are getting a head start to their sporting season.
Over the holidays the business staff have been busy preparing school for the start of Term 1.
School Preparation for the New Academic Year
World Scholar
A team of Bangkok Patana students competed in the global round of the Scholar’s Cup in Kuala Lumpur.
There was much excitment in the air when the whole school gathered for the final assembly of the school year.
Final Assembly
CAS for All
Secondary students are stepping out of their regular routines for two days of CAS for All.
This year, the annual Year 6 Poetry Competition was combined, and delicately interwoven, with the Year 6 Leavers’ Assembly.
Poetry in Motion
Busking Day
The Primary School was filled with magicians, musicians, mimes and many other street entertainers
BPS MUN gave the new Secretary Generals a chance to chair their first conference.
Readers’ Cup 2015
The Grand Final of the fourth annual Readers' Cup took place in Year 5 with much excitement and anticipation.
Students are enjoying their last ECA sessions as the programme draws to a close for the year.
ECA Programme