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Year 2 Museum Visit
The Children's Discovery Museum brought our Year 2 student's face to face with dinosaurs on their recent visit.
Despite the extreme weather there were some impressive BISAC performances over the weekend.
Year 4 Bake Sale
To kick off their new topic Business Matters, Year 4 held a Charity Bake Sale with lots of delicious goodies!
'For in that sleep of death what dreams may come'. Students have been commemorating the 400th anniversary of William Shakespeare's death.
Drama in Penang
Penang street art and drama provided inspiration for a group of Secondary students.
Climbing a hill, being blown by the wind, jumping up and down... Year 3 are tackling movement in their Art classes.
Year 3 Art
Slam Poet Visits
The World Poetry Slam Champion is in town to inspire some modern rhymes from Bangkok Patana Poets.
We were pleased to host a group of national education leaders who visited the school looking for inspiration for their work on education reform.
National Education Visitors
Songkran Assembly
Conserving water this Songkran was the key message in this year's Primary Songkran Assembly.
What do a figure skater, chef and zoo keeper have in common? You may be surprised to know these are all childhood aspirations of our Year 13's!
Year 13 Final Days
Year 2 Pirate Expo
Shiver me timbers! There are some swashbuckling pirates in Year 2.
A delegation of students from Bangkok Patana enjoyed some vigorous debates at the THAIMUN Conference.
New Transport Service
After months of trial and testing, the school will be rolling out its new helicopter service at the start of the new academic year in August.
Year 5 has been invaded by a team of scientists researching plants and their processes.
Year 5 Science Week
Year 7 Connections
Year 7 students play detective in their challenging Connections project.
It was a bright, sun shiny day in Year 3 as they shared their learning.
Year 3 Weather Assembly
IB Art Show
Feast your senses on the works of our IB students at the annual IB art show.
It was 'Back to School' for Foundation Stage parents as they discovered how mathematics is taught to their children.
Foundation Stage Mathematics
Year 9 Biology
How does a turtle move and what impacts its preference for food? Year 9 students are observing animal behaviour.
Visiting Poet Kenn Nesbitt has been causing a stir in Primary this week.
Kenn Nesbitt