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Primary Digital Learners
From the increasing availability of Visual Reality to Minecraft Education, there was lots of discussion in the Primary Digital Learners Workshop.
Preparation and smooth transitions are key for our 60 Aquathon athletes taking on the running and swimming challenge.
Year 5 Waterwheels
Year 5 students are looking at the significance of waterwheels and having a go at making their own.
The annual University Information Afternoon hosted by the Careers and University Faculty.
University Information Afternoon
Year 2 Science
A combination of Science and Technology proves to be wonderfully inspiring for our young Year 2 learners.
Can you read a map, use a compass or pitch a tent? Our International Award students are learning these vital survival skills.
Tent Pitching
Year 1 Senses
Squelch, splash, squidge. Year 1 have been testing their senses in some very fun ways!
It's nearly time to pull on those trainers and join the Fun Run! All the information you need about Sunday's event is here.
Fun Run 2016
Year 4 Bridges
What happens when an isolated community meets the modern world? Year 4 have been investigating as they begin their learning on bridges.
From 2D graphic to utilising CAD and 3D Physical, Year 10 DT students have been learning all about modelling.
Design + Technology
Wai Kru
Primary and Secondary students paid respects to their teachers in traditional Wai Kru ceremonies.
How can Science be used to help solve a mystery? Year 6 are putting their skills to the test.
Year 6 Science
There were electrifying performances, witty judges and an enthusiastic crowd. It must have been Patana's Got Talent.
Year 3 brought their learning to life as they embraced the books of Roald Dahl on the eve of his 100th birthday!
Roald Dahl in Year 3
Max and Milly
Children in the Foundation Stage have had help from some unusual new friends to learn routines.
The sky’s the limit for our fully-qualified climbers after they completed their qualification.
Hang on to your Ropes!
Year 9 Spanish
Spanish television and film genre tests the vocabulary of the Year 9 students.
Year 2 have been busy piecing together the clues after the destruction of Noddy’s Toy Town.
Toy Town Crime Scene
Business Studies
Year 12 Business Management students are learning about the public and private sectors and the impacts they have worldwide.
The Rivers and Settlements topic was launched with a splash in Year 5 as the teachers took a soaking!
Rivers and Settlements