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International Shark Ambassador
Secondary Shark Ambassador Workshop builds on the growing passion amongst our community towards sharks and their survival.
Year 3 children were taken on a journey down the Nile with the help of Year 10 Drama students.
Year 3 Nile Drama
Today's Primary FOBISIA is all about the Tee Ball after a busy day of swimming and athletics yesterday.
An art deco jewellery project challenges the skills and manufacturing knowledge of our Year 8 Design and Technology students.
Year 8 Design and Technology
Year 1 Temple Visit
A visit to Wat Kra Tum Sua Pla gives Year 1 students first-hand experience of ‘Amazing Thailand’.
Year 6 parents were invited to have a taste of life in Secondary School.
Year 6 Transition
FS Music
Secondary Music students adapted their repertoire to include some old favourites for a group of small visitors.
Can you ever have too many people? Year 12 students are studying population growth in Geography.
Year 12 Geography
Year 6 Twin Day
We were seeing double as Year 6 raised money with Twin Day!
Considered becoming a Natural Hazards Engineer, a TV reporter, an Accountant or a Pharmacist? Alumni visitors share their experiences.
Alumni Visitors
The Parent Teachers Group welcomed the community for their annual general meeting.
What is light? That was the big question challenging students on Quantum Physics Day.
Quantum Physics Day
FS Natural World
Foundation Stage children have been discovering how truly marvellous our natural world is in their new project.
Year 9 History students get into character to better understand their subject.
Year 9 History
Year 5 Oil Slick
The Year 5 oil spill is the worst in Bangkok Patana history - scientists and envirornmentalists begin clean-up.
The Children's Discovery Museum brought our Year 2 students' face to face with dinosaurs on their recent visit.
Year 2 Museum Visit
Despite the extreme weather there were some impressive BISAC performances over the weekend.
To kick off their new topic Business Matters, Year 4 held a Charity Bake Sale with lots of delicious goodies!
Year 4 Bake Sale
'For in that sleep of death what dreams may come'. Students have been commemorating the 400th anniversary of William Shakespeare's death.
Penang street art and drama provided inspiration for a group of Secondary students.
Drama in Penang