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PD Days
Half term holidays have begun for students, but academic staff were in school for professional develoment days.
Year 5 students were independent learners this week as they demonstrated their inquiry skills in planning their own science investigation.
Independent Learners in Year 5
Junior Music Camp
Junior Music Camp is 'allegretto vivace' for a group of Primary students who are spending a few days making and learning about music.
Senior students will star in a debut performance of the new play, Trinity, by Paul Gatiss.
Visit from the French Embassy
We welcomed diplomatic attaches from the French Embassy who wanted to look at the strength of our French programme.
Sshh, watch what you say there are spies about, especially around Year 6.
Eye Spy
Population Growth Y10 Geography
Is rapid population growth a problem? Year 10 Geography students are studying its benefits and problems.
Getting into the beat is one way Year 4 students become better musicians.
Year 4 Music
The 17th annual Bangkok Patana School Model United Nations (MUN) Conference drew more than 100 enthusiastic delegates.
Do you hear us ROARRR? There were Tigers of many ages on campus for Tiger Spirit Day.
Tiger Spirit Day
Year 3 Measuring
Year 3 have been using rulers, metre sticks and trundle wheels as they learn about measuring.
Year 8 students say they benefit in many ways from learning languages.
Year 8 Languages
New Parents
The new Parents’ Gateway is here!
The turnout for the annual Fun Run was excellent with a record number of entries this year.
Fun Run 2014
Beebots in Primary School
The Beebots are out! Primary students have great fun programming these robots.
Orchestra practice was more energetic than usual with guest conductor Jonathan Mann from Wales.
Jonathan Mann at Orchestra
Foundation Stage PE
In Foundation Stage, PE classes foster independence whilst developing the children's physical skills.
Do you know what the macro environment is and which IB course you would study this in?
Business Management
Brand New Play Area
Students in Year 1 and 2 were happy to discover a bright new play space.
Secondary musicians were 'Playing for Change' in the lounge.
Playing for Change