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Year 3 Wind Turbines
Design and Technology teaches many lessons as our Year 3 students have been finding out in their quest for more sustainable energy sources.
A fabulous evening celebrating our 60th Anniversary with some great Jazz and Blues!
60th Anniversary Party
Tee Ball and Kick Ball
Which class will be triumphant? It’s the return of the annual interclass Tee Ball or Kick Ball for Key Stage 2 students!
Deciding what career path to follow or what job might excite you? A panel of professionals were on hand to help during the Deciding Your Future elective.
Deciding Your Future
Primary Penguin Dash
Primary students have been running laps to see who can reach Antarctica first in the Penguin Dash!
Bangkok International Schools Junior Maths Challenge returns to Bangkok Patana thanks to Year 12 student organisers.
Junior Maths Challenge
Primary Production - CreaTed
'Logic takes you from A to B. Imagination takes you everywhere.' The highly anticipated Primary Production CreaTed begins.
We enjoy showing off our learning and were pleased to have the Australian ambassador visit the school.
Australian Ambassador Visit
Romeo and Juliet
O Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo? Year 9 English students are beginning their study of Shakespeare.
All aboard the Ocean Endeavour! Foundation Stage students are feeling incredibly inspired by Bangkok Patana 2041!
FS Feel the Chill
Year 6 Taster Day
Year 6 students venture into the Secondary School for their 'taster' days in preparation for next Academic year.
It's safety first with practical science as our Secondary teachers refresh their skills.
Safe Science
Black Gold
Deforestation has occurred in Year 5 as the students begin the learn about oil and its environmental impact.
Year 12 IB Theatre students study their Primary audience to craft plays specific to their learning themes.
Year 12 IB Theatre
Year 2 Thai Humanities
Year 2 children studying Thai Humanities draw on their own holiday experiences as they learn about geography.
A fascinating tale of the girl who came to save the world, Shadow Girl enchanted audiences for three nights.
Shadow Girl
Fun Day 2017
It's one of the most anticipated days on the school calendar, don't miss Fun Day this Saturday from 10am!
Primary students have the chance to vote for three new menu options in the Canteen - have you voted?
Primary Menu Poll
Art Centre Mural
Students collaborate on a large scale to create a 60th anniversary mural steeped in Thai culture.
Visitors from CIS and NEASC arrive at Bangkok Patana to complete their accreditation review.
CIS/NEASC Visitors