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Yellow Tribute to the Late King
Over a thousand marigold plants are placed at the front of school by the community in tribute to His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej.
Injured soldiers had an uplifting visit from some of our Ror Dor students.
Ror Dor Hospital Visit
Courageous in the Kitchen
A student-led community kitchen project helped a group of young refugees to develop their English speaking and cooking skills.
Parent Conferences in both the Primary and Secondary school finish off the first half term of the academic year.
Parent Conferences
Splash-tastic Swimming Galas
Students and even the teachers had lots of fun in the pool at the annual Key Stage 2 Swimming Galas!
The BKKMUN Conference saw 420 delegates from 21 schools in Bangkok hotly debate a range of critical world topics.
BKKMUN Conference
BAMBI Pop-up Playgroup
There were lots of smiling children and happy mums and dads at the BAMBI Pop-up Playgroup hosted in our new Foundation Stage.
Students, teachers and parents wore their orange and black with pride for Tiger Spirit Day!
Tiger Spirit Day 2017
Musical Preparation
Visiting conductors prepare our vocalists for the upcoming Bangkok International Choral Festival 2017.
Can water wheels and clever design help with the water crisis? Year 5 have been thinking about that as they make their own!
Year 5 Design + Technology
Language Leadership
Older students are taking the lead in helping younger students improve their French conversation skills.
Now incorporated into the Key Stage 1 curriculum, Mindfulness is a life skill that's vital for our students to maintain balanced, healthy lives.
Secondary House Assembly
A rap battle between the houses added to the annual colourful spectacle that is the Secondary House Assembly!
Year 1 are on a quest to help the Hungry Caterpillar turn into a butterfly with lots of fresh fruit from the market!
The Hungry Caterpillar
The Big Breakfast
Year 12 and 13 students experienced unfairness and injustice during The Big Breakfast and learnt an important lesson about privilege.
Should the imaginary island community of Amaryllis build a bridge to the mainland? Year 4 have been contemplating the answer using drama.
Building Bridges
Fun Run
Well done to everyone who ran in the annual Fun Run! There were some great performances and lots of fun was had!
The annual University Fair and Information Afternoon attracted over 500 interested students and parents considering higher education options.
University Fair 2017
Peace One Day
Meditation, singing, making paper cranes and friendship bracelets were all underway as we celebrated Peace One Day.
Migration isn't always a choice as Year 6 discovered when they faced the harsh realities of being a refugee.
Year 6 Refugee Crisis