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Gail Clark and Janice Santikarn at School
Authors Gail Clark and Janice Santikarn have been delighting Primary students with their tales of 'Sanook' and Patrick the Parrot.
Year 8 students observe a lung dissection as they endeavour to link their learning to the physical structure and function of their own bodies.
Lung Dissection in Science
Tiny Tigers
The Tiny Tigers Playgroup enables our youngest learners to play in a vibrant purpose built environment.
R.A.P and Read week kicks off in style with Rappaman’s poetic positive messages.
Songkran Assemblies
The whole school celebrated the upcoming Songkran festival with assemblies on the last day of Term 2.
Ahoy mateys! There’s been some swashbuckling Pirate learning going on in Year 2!
Beware! Year 2 Pirates!
Year 13 Last Week
Formal Friday, School Uniforms and Childhood Aspirations are just the beginning of the colourful Year 13s last week in school!
Year 1 are busy baking for the grandest event of the year, the Fairy Tale Ball!
Baking for the Ball
New Bike Track
An elevated bike track at school will boost our new International Championship Bicycling Programme.
Year 13 Senior Delegates shared their wisdom as they handed over to the new Senior Delegates for the next academic year.
Senior Delegate Handover
Year 5 Genres
Year 5 students are immersing themselves in ‘genres’ as they prepare for R.A.P and Read week!
Year 12s gain a qualification and give back to the community whilst having fun in the pool!
CAS in Secondary PE
Foundation Stage are Being Healthy
Students in the Foundation Stage are learning all about being healthy, from exercise and a balanced diet to the importance of sleep and washing your hands.
An epic weekend of big hits and home runs - SEASAC Softball was here at Bangkok Patana School!
SEASAC Softball
Year 3 Wind Turbines
Design and Technology teaches many lessons as our Year 3 students have been finding out in their quest for more sustainable energy sources.
A fabulous evening celebrating our 60th Anniversary with some great Jazz and Blues!
60th Anniversary Party
Tee Ball and Kick Ball
Which class will be triumphant? It’s the return of the annual interclass Tee Ball or Kick Ball for Key Stage 2 students!
Deciding what career path to follow or what job might excite you? A panel of professionals were on hand to help during the Deciding Your Future elective.
Deciding Your Future
Primary Penguin Dash
Primary students have been running laps to see who can reach Antarctica first in the Penguin Dash!
Bangkok International Schools Junior Maths Challenge returns to Bangkok Patana thanks to Year 12 student organisers.
Junior Maths Challenge