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Tigers Win BISAC Events
We had a busy weekend of sport with many teams competing in BISAC championships.
Foundation Stage students had an opportunity to learn sign language.
Sign 4 Language
Guest Conductor Dr MacKay
We were pleased to welcome guest conductor Dr Gillian MacKay to the Secondary School.
We have a new book in the Primary Library that has an interesting link to one of our families.
The Little Lighthouse
Grimm Tales
There are many stories to tell in the drama production of Grimm Tales.
The Primary Hall was transformed into Tutankhamun's Tomb for Year 3 students.
Songkran Assembly
We celebrated Songkran at school with water blessings during the assemblies and by having some water fun.
Year 2 parents were treated to a wonderful performance of “The Really Rotten Pirates”.
The Really Rotten Pirates
Year 13s
Year 13 students have spent their last week making sure we don't forget them!
Work on the new Science Centre came to a halt recently, when dinosaur bones were uncovered.
Primary 3-Way Conferences
Primary parents were in the student's seats at the recent 3-Way Conferences.
Year 10 PE students did an interesting exercise to better understand the respiratory system.
Year 10 PE
Foundation Stage Maths
Children and staff in the Foundation Stage have been sharing their Mathematical learning with family and friends!
Enjoy the works of our IB students at their Art Exhibition.
IB Art Exhibition
Year 4 Mathematics
What is a perimeter and how do you measure it? Ask Year 4!
We recently hosted the second of a three-part invitational climbing competition.
Year 1 Spellathon stars help to raise money for charity.
The Alumni Breakfast introduced Year 13 students to the Bangkok Patana Alumni programme.
Alumni Breakfast
Writer Chart Korbjitti
Thai author and SEA award winner, Chart Korbjitti, spoke about his work to Thai language students.
Our Tiny Tigers are now roaring for longer! Playgroup will soon be running five mornings a week.
Tiny Tigers