Our Mission

Our mission is to ensure that students of different nationalities grow to their full potential as independent learners in a caring British international community.



We have high expectations of all students and value continuity in their learning. At their individual level, students achieve the highest academic standards.

Our British-based educational ethos
  • Provides a well-rounded education of the highest quality for English-speaking children
  • Develops the essential knowledge and skills necessary for academic success
  • Instils a love of learning in preparation for a productive and fulfilling future
  • Values each student’s intellectual, physical, social and emotional development while encouraging them to be resourceful and creative
  • Develops an understanding of self-worth and the worth of others
Staff at Patana therefore
  • Inspire students to fulfil their potential at an individually challenging level
  • Develop responsibility and self-discipline
  • Respect children as individual learners and plan accordingly


As members of our community, and as a result of their time with us, young people learn how to
  • Value the richness of Thai culture
  • Value their own culture, while showing respect for that of others
  • Work as individuals and as part of a team
  • Make, and act upon, informed choices concerning moral, ethical and aesthetic issues
  • Develop lively, positive and inquiring minds
  • Strive for excellence at all times
  • Take pride in their own achievements and in the success of others
  • Lead a balanced and thoughtful life
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