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Learning in the Library Blog: 

Behind the Scenes

Published Tuesday, February 01, 2011.
Last updated: Friday, February 04, 2011

Hi Secondary Students

Yesterday some students came to interview me about the library as part of an ECA they are involved with. They asked me various questions about what the librarians do when they are not checking out books. The list of course is endless: we choose and place orders; we keep the magazine subscriptions up to date; we file books; we read stories to the children; we teach library skills; we help individuals with research; we catalogue books; we help the teachers find books and articles they need and so on... 

In addition, there is much that takes place behind the scenes. Have you ever wondered how your textbooks arrived to you, labelled with your names and checked out to your own individual accounts without you even having to move from your desks? The organisation of the whole school text books is a huge job and Khun Pui and Khun Aum, led by Khun Waree do a wonderful job or organising this. The photos below show Khun Pui and the library staff completing a stock take of the Secondary Library textbooks in preparation for our move to the wonderful new Secondary Library building. 


Khun Ngay counting up the MFL books.

Khun Pui - What  a superstar but lethal with the scanner! 

Busy organising Books

Khun Lyn and Khun Pang usually work in Primary but are helping out at this busy time. We are one team.

Workmen lifting the heavy text books getting ready for our move to the new library.

Pui, works tirelessly to ensure that our records are accurate and ensures that our system runs smoothly. She is currently overseeing a project which will enable teaches to book their textbooks and equipment on-line. There is no end to her talents!

As you browse the photos take a moment to reflect how lucky you are to have such a dedicated team working to ensure you have all the books you need. The next time you pop in the library it would be fantastic if you said a thank you to the ladies.

Finally, did you see the library message in today's Daily Notices?

We are moving to a new amazing library - hopefully before World Book Day.

We will keep disruption to a minimum but we do need to pack. Therefore the last day for borrowing Non-Fiction books will be Friday 11th February. We will keep the fiction section open as close as we possible can to the actual moving date.

You won't need to return your NON-Fiction books until after we are moved and settled so don't be put off borrowing them.

Happy Reading!

Ms Flint                













Comment By Natchaya 

I love reading do you???

What is your fave book???

Published on Wednesday, February 02, 2011
Comment By By Serena & Beem 

The libary
is the place
where we want to READ!!!!!!

Published on Monday, February 21, 2011