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Primary Physical Education: 

Invitational Boys and Girls Under 11s Basketball

Published Friday, October 17, 2008.
Patana shine at our very own Invitational Under 11 Basketball Tournaments


After a very busy week of Aquathlons and Inter Class Basketball some of our Year 5 and 6 Basketball stars of the present and future were invited to represent Patana in our very own Invitational Under 11 Boys and Girls tournaments. All of the games took place either on the Back Hard Courts or Sports Hall on Friday 3rd October between 3.30 and 5pm with schools invited from all over Bangkok.
Schools that answered the call were Concordian, Ruamrudee, Thai Chinese Int. School and Shrewsbury while we were fortunate enough to be able to enter 4 of our own teams in each of the boys and girls tournaments. I was delighted to be able to invite 30 of our girls and 32 of our boys to participate in the afternoon but could have invited more from our very healthy 71 boys Basketball and 40 girls Basketball ECAs. Unfortunately time and space meant that not all could play on this occasion.
The games came thick and fast with both tournaments being played on a 2 pool basis with cross over finals between 1st, 2nd, 3rd and in the boys case 4th placed team from the group stages. For many children this was their first experience of a Basketball Tournament with other schools and the learning curve proved steep indeed. It was very pleasing to see the tremendous improvement in all of the teams communication, skills and team work as the tournament progressed.
The Patana Teams all played with great enthusiasm and demonstrated sound knowledge and understanding of the game throughout and all of the children benefitted from their experience. Our boys teams proved particularly strong for our visitors gaining 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th place out of the 8 team tournament. Our Tigers team closing out a very close final with our Black Team 6-5. Some of the boys who played particularly well during the afternoon included Gene, Day, Devyn, Taran, Hien Htet, David, Fionn and Win while everybody contributed well to their respective teams.
Our girls team also played well with some very close score lines during the afternoon. The final results show our Patana teams in 1st, 2nd,  5th and 6th  in their 6 team tournament. The final once again going to the Tigers over our Black Team by just 1 point. Some of the girls who played particularly well during the afternoon were Muffin, Mint, Satu, Molly, Katie, Jolie, India and Nina while once again everybody contributed confidently to their respective teams.
The afternoon proved to be a very positive end to a busy week and I would like to say a big thank you to all of the Coaches for their efforts and support. Also to the children for playing with such confidence and to the many parents who came along to cheer on all of the Patana teams.
Next up is the BISAC Basketball tournament on Saturday 8th November so keep shooting these hoops everybody!
Mr. Tatam
Head of Primary Physical Education.


To see more action shot photos please click here

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Interclass Basketball Competitions 2008

Published Friday, October 17, 2008.

After completing their Aquathlon earlier in the week the students began the second part of their exciting week in PE. The students had been working hard in their games lessons on their basketball and mat ball skills during their 6 week unit. The interclass competition was the culmination of their learning and a chance to show themselves, their teachers and their parents how far they had come.

The first round of the competition got underway with Year 6. The students demonstrated the game play they had been working on in PE lessons such as man-to-man defence and setting posts. The girls’ contest was a very closely contested affair with Muffin putting up some great shots. However there was nothing to separate 6J and 6G so they were both awarded joint 1st place. In the second contest 6H were a well drilled team who went undefeated.The mixed contest showed lovely sportsmanship and team work. 6S’s pink power drove through to the basket to take 1st place in their tournament. The boys again was very close. Each team won a match. With some lovely lay ups and rebounding demonstrated during the tournament.

Our Year 4 tournament took place on Thursday. This is the first time students are encouraged to shoot into the basket and we had some high scoring games – especially 4W mixed team. This was great news for 4W as they were tied for first place with 4H but were awarded outright first based on points scored. All of the other year 4 teams played well and displayed good sportsmanship throughout.

Friday saw the Year 3’s take the court. The year 3’s play a modified form of basketball called mat ball where they attempt to pass the ball down the court to a player standing in a zone on a mat. This scores a point. The students competed with lots of energy and displayed some excellent passing and throwing skills. A special mention to 3M mixed team who not only won but worked very well together as a supportive team.

The Year 5 students were excited by the prospect of their Friday Basketball challenge and so were their teachers. The students displayed good defence demonstrating what they knew about returning to the ‘D’. Eva was a scoring machine for the 5G girls. All the matches in year 5 were very, very close with many draws. The final 1st places were being awarded on goals for and against.

A big thank you to all the Primary PE team for their organising and refereeing, the parents for their enthusiastic support and lastly for the children for their enthusiasm and hard work. Well done all.


Year 6:  Mixed – 6S, 6T; Girls -6H, 6J, 6G; Boys -6S, 6G

Year 5:  Mixed – 5R, 5N; Girls – 5G, 5A; Boys – 5G, 5N

Year 4: Mixed – 4R, 4W; Girls – 4K, 4S; Boys – 4M, 4H, 4W

Year 3: Mixed – 3M, 3C; Girls – 3K, 3W; Boys – 3L, 3C

Miss Gibson



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To view more photos of Year 5 Interclass Basketball click here

To view more photos of Year 6 Interclass Basketball click here

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Key Stage 2 Aquathlon 2008-10-07

Published Friday, October 17, 2008.

Key Stage 2 Aquathlon 2008-10-07

The KS2 Aquathlon is always the first event of the academic year, on the Primary Sports Calendar. The students enthusiasm and commitment in what can be an extremely hard event, is always a joy to watch and behold. Students are put in pairs and they are expected to complete a swim followed by distance run. Whilst a member of the pair is not participating, they are required to help their partner by recording their times or distances and by helping them with their transition from the pool to the running track.

It is always amazing to watch the Year 3 students attempt their first Aquathlon. The anticipation and nerves before the event, is shortly followed by elation and personal pride when each student realises what they have been able to accomplish. This continues on throughout the year groups, however the attitude and approach in the 50m pool for the Year 5 and 6 students, who choose to participate in the competitive event, is in stark contrast the festival of activity encouraged in earlier years. Times for swim laps are recorded and combined with the run, to produce an event total. Lots of students are heard discussing tactics, discussing previous years, comparing times and after the event congratulating each other on how well they have done.

It is always nice to see how well the Aquathlon is supported, not only from the students but staff and parents. This year was particularly so and as a department we would like to thank all the parents and family members who came along to support their children. Particular thanks must go to Mr Frizelle, Mrs Oates and a ‘mystery mum’ who participated in the event this year. Also, to the many staff members who supported their class by participating this year, and there were many this year, thanks to all.....

Finally it is always nice to mention some particular students of note from each year....

Year 6 – Pann Maleenont 6J, Millie Ribeiro 6L, Ajay Sribhibhabh 6T, Ross Nicholson 6G.

Year 5 – Chelsea Russell 5G, Eva Russell 5G, Albert Smutharaks 5N, Adrian Teigen 5K.

Year 4 – Sammy Wright 4R, Gabby Leger 4P, Password Thepkanjana 4P, Liam Coutts 4M.

Year 3 - Tristan Depew 3P, Zahra Poonevala 3C, Karly Eagle 3M, Harry Allen 3M.

To see the photo gallery please click here.

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