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Primary Physical Education: 

Interclass Basketball 2009

Published Friday, October 09, 2009.


Our first competitive class event of the year was the Interclass basketball. Earlier in the week the students had participated in the Aquathlon setting and achieving personal goals. This time they were working as a team going for class glory!

The first year group underway were the year 6’s. The girls’ competition was action packed and fast paced. Lynn Tan in 6H showed great positioning and defending but the clear winners were 6B girls scoring 14 points in their matches. In the other competition 6S were also clear winners scoring a massive 12 points. In the first mixed competition 6G displayed fantastic teamwork and passing skills. Fifi Tantipanichaphan 6B, although the smallest on the court rebounded amazingly well. Arnav Mahajan 6H and Jorik Withouck 6G had a great head to head tussle, with many baskets being scored between them. The last match of the boys’ second competition was a nail biter that went to extra time. Many shots went up but we didn’t hear that swish until Samriddh Kothari 6G finally put one up and scored.

Year 4 basketball was underway on Thursday. 4M boys were the team to beat and the championship went down to the  final seconds as Kevin Hsieh 4M, calm under pressure, sunk the winning basket just as the ref’s whistle was being blown. In the mixed competition Ethan Carr 4M and Prabhav Kumar 4E stood out with their very impressive defending. The girls’ competition was evenly matched. The teachers were impressed with the quality of the passing and the movement that the girls’ displayed. Charlotte Jones and Rhea Poonevala in 4K showed very good decision making skills and good defence.

Friday was Basketball madness with the year 3’s, year 5’s Interclass AND the Patana invitational! 3P completed our first clean sweep by winning all three categories. Stand outs were Earn Wonghirundacha 3M, Gemma Coutts 3P and Jessica Dooley 3W who showed great spatial awareness, movement and passing skills. The Year 5 matches were all extremely close showing tremendous depth. Girls who performed very well were Tigerlily Perry and Natasha Van Es in 5B and Ella Glanville from 5R. Xak Sen 5R, Denis Sprenger 5J, Jack Hickey 5N and Robbie Hines 5J were impressive in their on-court movement and shooting skills.

Well done to all students and to Khun Patcharee, Miss Gibson, Mr Chris and Mr Tatam for preparing the students in their PE lessons. Thank you to all of the Mum’s and Dad’s for their support and a big shout out to the swim team for helping to referee and timekeep.

And this year’s Interclass Basketball winners were:-

Year 6: mixed – 6D and 6G                          girls – 6S and 6B                                boys – 6D and 6G

Year 5: mixed – 5B and 5N                            girls – 5B and 5J                                 boys – 5J and 5R

Year 4: mixed – 4W and 4H                         girls – 4E and 4K                                boys – 4M and 4P

Year 3:  mixed -                 3W and 3P                           girls – 3S and 3P                                boys – 3S and 3P

Miss Gibson

Primary Physical Education Department

 For more pictures please click here


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Invitational U'11 Basketball Tournament Success

Published Friday, October 09, 2009.

Patana Invitational U’11 Basketball Tournament Success

On Friday 2nd October and following our busy sporting week of Aquathlons and Interclass Basketball, we hosted our Invitational Basketball Tournament. We were delighted to host TCIS with a boys and girls team, Bromsgrove with a boys and girls team and Bangkok Prep with a boys team. This enabled us to invited 55 of our own students representing 5 Patana boys teams and 2 girls to complete our 2 boys and 1 girl pools.

The boys games started fast and furiously as their enthusiasm got the better of them, which resulted is same very entertaining but low scoring encounters as the frantic pace failed to allow any composure under the basket. All of the teams played well though and it was great to see the communication and team understanding improve and develop as the tournament progressed. Special mention must go to our Tiger Cubs who were all from Year 4 and although results did not go their way they played with confidence and showed great potential for the future. Our Tigers team developed in confidence throughout and played a great team game finishing unbeaten and 1st in their group. The Patana Black Team also performed well coming 2nd in their group losing out to a great 3 pointer from Bangkok Prep. The Patana Oranges also played with great spirit but often failed to turn their possession in points leaving them 3rd in their group. Our Year 5 Blue Team can also take great pride in their improving play as the tournament progressed leaving them as 3rd in their group as well. Finally the Tiger Cubs just missed out on some height under the rebound as they enjoyed their first taste of competitive basketball finishing 4th in Group B.

In the boys finals 1st place in each group played one another as did to 2nd, 3rd, and 4th placed teams and everyone raised their games for their respective final. After same very tight games and even some that went to extra time, the boys results were as follows:

Boys Results

1st           Patana Tigers

2nd          Bangkok Prep

3rd           Patana Black

4th           Bromsgrove

5th           Patana Orange

6th           Patana Blue

7th           TCIS

8th           Patana Tiger Cubs

In the girls pool, our Tigers certainly did not have the same problem as the boys under the basket scoring 22 points in their 3 group games alone, finishing the group stage unbeaten. The Patana Black team which included many Year 5 children once again improved their understanding and performance as the tournament progressed finishing 3rd in the group. Both teams then maintained their shooting prowess scoring 10 points each on the way to their respective final wins where they really did play some very positive basketball.

Girls Results

1st           Patana Tigers

2nd          TCIS

3rd           Patana Black

4th           Bromsgrove

 All of the teams should feel very proud of their performances and it certainly proved to be a positive stepping stone towards the BISAC tournaments on the 7th November.

Thank you to the coaches who supported our teams Mr.Chris, Mr.Amuchou, Khun Patcharee, Ms.Gibson, and myself. Also to all of the parents who supported (without the use of drums) and made the atmosphere so positive for all of the children involved.

 Keep practicing those shots under pressure!

Mr. Andrew Tatam

Head of Primary Physical Education

For more pictures please click here

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