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Primary Physical Education: 

BPS Invitational Basketball Tournament

Published Thursday, October 07, 2010.
Last updated: Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Primary Basketballers Raise Their Game for our very own BPS Invitational Basketball Tournament

Our very own U’11 Invitational Basketball Tournament on Friday 1st October brought the curtain down on what was a very busy sporting week for Key Stage 2 students. We were delighted to welcome boys’ teams from Shrewsbury x 2, Concordian, Bangkok Prep and TCIS and were able to field a very pleasing 5 Patana Teams from our ECA to make a 2 pool, 5 team tournament with cross over finals. Shrewsbury joined us for the girls’ and we fielded 4 Patana Teams from both our ECA and from Year 5s identified from our Basketball unit. The 5 girls’ teams then played each other in a round robin format with a final between the top two teams after the group stage. The level of basketball was good and the boys in particular showed much improvement from last weeks’ visit to Shrewsbury.

The group stages were hotly contested in the boys’ events especially as many lessons were learned about the importance of good communication in defense as well as the power of the layup and art of the towering rebound. Patana Tigers and Patana Black went through unbeaten to meet in the 1st place final with the Black Team just pipping it 10-8. Bangkok Prep and Shrewsbury Storm battled it out for 3rd and 4th while our Patana Oranges reigned supreme to win the 3rd v 3rd place final with Sebie Bailey 6B leading the scoring. Patana Blue tied their 4th v 4th place final while the Patana Whites saved the best for last, beating Shrewsbury White in their final.

In the Girls Group some loose umpiring at times caused the girls some confusion but all of the teams certainly benefited from the experience and improved as the afternoon went on. Points were sometimes hard to come by as the girls and Coaches came up with ways to get past Shrewsbury’s zone defense but lessons were certainly learned should other teams stray from the more open man on man system that we encourage for Primary children. Several draws between our own teams left our surprise package Patana Oranges in the Final versus Shrewsbury which they narrowly lost by 1 basket. So congratulations to the Shrewsbury girls but also to all of our teams who certainly enjoyed their afternoon on court.

A huge thank you to all of our Coaches who gave up their Friday afternoon to Coach including myself, Mr Chris, Miss Fiona, Khun Patcharee, Coach Jo, Mr Brad and Mr Amuchou. Thank you and well played to all of the visiting schools and our own children who played with great spirit and enthusiasm and finally to all of the parents who came to support their children and all of our teams.

Next up is BISAC U’11 Basketball which will be held this year at ISB on Saturday 6th November. Go for it Patana!

Mr. Tatam

Head of Primary Physical Education


For more pictures click here


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ISB Fun Run 2010

Published Tuesday, October 05, 2010.
Last updated: Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Patana Fun Runners Take on the Amazing Race!

Last week was action packed in the Primary PE Department, Saturday was no exception as 15 of our most enthusiastic runners took part in the ISB Under 11, 1 KM Fun Run.  Even though it was an early start our runners were fresh faced, excited and raring to go.

The students had prepared hard for the event and most had been attending the many lunch time practice sessions during the run-up to the race.  This training clearly paid off as there were some fantastic individual performances.  A special mention must go to Ethan Abai Haddon who, after a fantastic start was able to hold on to win the race, an incredible achievement when you consider there were 69 competitors.  I would also like to mention our year 4 students who put in some gutsy performances and gained some valuable experience, well done.

A list of our competitors and their times are shown below:

Ethan Abai Haddon 6G


Aeneas Compernol 6B


Giacomo Manera 6T


Luke Abai Haddon 4G


Fergus Ellis 6T


Andrea Aguilar 6P


Prabhav Kumar 5J


Gemma Coutts 4H


Duncan Hunter Kerr 4H


Catherine Veasey 6P


Sebastian Tamacas 5N


Rhea Poonevala 5S


Donovan Leung 6T


Zahra Poonevala 5B


Anshul Tipnis 6P


Well done to all of our students who competed and a special thank you to all the parents that came along to support them, It’s always great to see so many of you interested in this event.

Keep up the good work!


Chris Meller and Vivienne Hampson

Primary Physical Education Department

For more pictures click here









Comment By Anshul Tipnis 

Isb fun run was funnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn !!

Published on Friday, October 29, 2010
Comment By Cle 

Aeneas used to be at my school! he was a great runner!

Published on Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Interclass Basketball 2010

Published Wednesday, October 06, 2010.
Last updated: Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Key Stage 2 Interclass Basketball Competition

After challenging themselves in the individual sport of the Aquathlon earlier in the week the Key Stage 2 students began the second part of their exciting week in PE. It was time for team spirit and team work as the Interclass Basketball competitions got under way.  During Interclass Basketball the students compete in either a girls’, boys’ or mixed team against the other classes that normally have PE at the same time.

The Year 6 competition was up first. The students demonstrated the game play they had been working on in PE lessons such as man-to-man defence and lay up’s. The year 6 competition was fast and furious end-to-end action. Special mentions go to and Kallista Shatrov 6T for great shooting, Sammy ‘the lay-up king’ Wright 6E and Serri Matula 6O on a great all round performance.

The Year 4 competition took place on Thursday. This is the first time students are allowed to shoot into the basket and they also use a size 5 basketball. All the Year 4 teams played well and displayed good sportsmanship. A special mention goes to Arnav Jhaveri 4G for his amazingly accurate shooting.

Friday saw the Year 3’s and 5’s take the court. The year 3’s play a modified form of basketball called mat ball where they attempt to pass the ball down the court to a player standing in a zone on a mat. If the player catches the ball on the full whilst staying on the mat their team receives a point. The students competed with lots of energy and displayed some excellent passing and throwing skills. Tumi Pentilla and Emilie Heiskanen 3B combined for some super long range passing. Year 5 were almost as excited as their teachers about the tournaments and played with growing tactical awareness and understanding. The students displayed good defence showing what they knew about returning to their half and rebounding strongly under the basket. Year 5S deserve a mention after achieving the clean sweep in their group.

A big thank you to all the Primary PE and swim team for their help in organising and refereeing, the parents for their enthusiastic support and lastly for the children for their enthusiasm, good sportsmanship and hard work. Well done all.



Year 6:  Mixed – 6E, 6B                  Girls -6O, 6G                       Boys -6E, 6B

Year 5:  Mixed – 5S, 5B                  Girls – 5S, 5B                      Boys – 5S, 5N

Year 4: Mixed – 4G, 4W, 4E            Girls – 4H, 4W                     Boys – 4H, 4M

Year 3: Mixed – 3R, 3C                   Girls – 3K, 3B                      Boys – 3R, 3C


Miss Fiona - Primary PE Team

For more pictures click here: Years 5 and 6 Years 3 and 4


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