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Year 1 and 2 Swimming Gala 2014
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Primary Physical Education: 

Sports Days 2008

Published Wednesday, March 04, 2009.


Key Stage 2 Primary Sports Days 2008


Last week saw our Year 3, 4, 5 and 6 children taking on the challenges of their year group Sports Days in the Primary School where they competed for their class over a long and exciting morning of athletic activities. Our young athletes certainly rose to the challenge and excellent performances were produced across the age ranges.


Our sports mornings are split into two sections with an athletics circuit of 9 sporting activities and 3 water/rest stations including various running, throwing and jumping age appropriate events.

For each event the children can achieve a performance level which gives them a score of 1 to 4 so that each child is always adding to their class team total. As the children rotate through the various activities the supporters follow them cheering and supporting each of the children’s performances.


The other part of the morning consists of the more traditional sports day style events of individual and relay races on the track. Classes had previously selected and distributed events between the children with the help of their P.E. teacher and again everybody who took part gained valuable points for their class team. Events ranged from the 60m sprints to age appropriate middle distance races as well as a wide range of fun individual and relay races. Who could not enjoy participating in or watching events such as the sack race, three legged race (complete with comedy tumbles), football kit relay, obstacle relay race (with the introduction of space hoppers this year) and many more.


For the Year 3s and 4s, Sport Day was concluded by the ever popular shuttle relay while the Year 5s and 6s progressed onto the more challenging 4x 50m relay events.


With only the final scores to be calculated for the children the attention turned to parents and supports who wished to show the children what good sports they were by entering into the spirit of the day in the adults race. Excellent races all around with some Year groups sticking to the traditional sprints while others opted for the fun sack or even space hopper race.


Congratulations to all of the children who performed so well during the week and to the four winning classes this year of:-


Year 3             =          3W

Year 4             =          4P

Year 5             =          5G

Year 6             =          6G


Our Sports Days at Patana are designed to do more than celebrate the champion and I would like to think that every child who participated in their Sports Day enjoyed their experience and had many opportunities to succeed.


Thank you once again to all of the participants, P.E./Swimming Teams, Class Teachers, ground staff, maids and for the tremendous support from our parents which ensured another successful set of Sports Days in the Primary School.


See you at the Key Stage 2 Swimming Galas during the week beginning Monday 12th January!


Not too much Christmas cake over the holidays children.


Mr. Andrew Tatam

Head of Primary Physical Education





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Aquathlon 2008

Published Wednesday, March 04, 2009.

This years Aquathlon was as 'keenly' participated in as ever. For the Year 3's it is the first time they take part in the event, however, it is always amazing to see how well they cope with what can be a gruelling challenge...


To see pictures of students participating from all the year groups, please follow the link provided.



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BISAC U11 Basketball

Published Wednesday, March 04, 2009.


For pictures of the Girls BISAC U11 Basketball, please follow the link provided. A detailed match report will follow.


For pictures of the Boys BISAC U11 Basketball, please follow the link provided. A detailed match report will follow.




Primary Basketballers Claim Double BISAC Crown

On Saturday while many students and their families were enjoying Fun Day, 29 of our Under 11 Boy and 28 of our Under 11 Girl Basketball players were representing the school in the BISAC Championships. The boys played at Shrewsbury while we hosted the girl’s tournament in our Sport Hall. This year has seen a change in the Under 11 BISAC format which has moved from a soley festival style event to one where each school can put forward one team to compete for a Championship Trophy as tournament winners. Participation has not been forgotten as we were still able to enter 3 teams in each event allowing many more of our young athletes the opportunity to compete against other school and proudly represent Patana.


In the boys tournament the Tigers represented Patana in the Championship while our Orange and Black squads participated in the Cup Tournament. Our Orange and Black teams both went down to a very competitive ISB Gold team but both triumphed over Harrow White with the Oranges winning a very close encounter 11-10 scoring a free throw and winning basket all in the final 30 seconds of the game. In an all Patana affair the Year 5 Oranges finally defeated their Year 6 Black opponents in extra time 8-4. Both teams played all of their games demonstrating excellent team spirit with developing skills and understanding of effective games play.


The Tigers had a tough pool with TCIS, ISB Black and RIS but the boys were confident after excellent preparation in their ECAs. The team started slowly with a 6-1 win over TCIS followed by a 6-4 victory over ISB but then an excellent squad performance against RIS with a 21-4 win ensured a top of the group finish. Harrow were then dispatched in the Semi Final 10-6 before meeting an improving TCIS team in the final. The team truly clicked and even an early basket against did nothing to stop the excellent defence and passing which allowed Gene to score an inspired 18 individual points in the 20-4 victory which was a truly superb squad effort. Well done to all of the boys but special mention must go to the coaches players of the day who were for Tigers, Gene Ratanadaros 6G, Black, Alan Joos  6L and for the Orange Karatae Uahwatanasakul  5N.


Back at Patana the girls tournament was contested between 5 schools and 8 teams with 3 coming from Patana itself. Our Orange and Black squads certainly enjoyed their day and played some very good Basketball along the way with the Oranges having a very good game with RIS finally going down 2-8 while the Blacks finally lost out a titanic encounter with Shrewsbury Blue 12-14. In the all Patana 7th and 8th place play off the Black squad took their opportunities with aplomb as they overcame the spirited Oranges 10-2. Our Tiger squad came through their group with a 4-4 draw with Shrewsbury Storm followed by a close 11-9 victory over RIS and finally a solid victory against our own Oranges. In their semi final they overcame a spirited ISB Panthers side 14-9 before completing their Championship Victory with a 6-2 win over the classy Harrow Lions. Once again all of the girls deserve congratulations for their team work and for the way that they represented the school throughout the tournament and the coaches players of the day were for the Tigers, Peachy Ellis 6H, Black, Pepe Chirakiti 5M and for the Oranges Nook Buranasiri 6S. Well done girls.


I would like to say a very big thank you to Mr. Amuchou, Mr. Osbourne, Mr. Jolley, Khun Patcharee and Miss Kerry for their coaching on the day. To all of the parents who juggled their day between many Patana events and still found time to cheer on our teams and lastly to all of the students who attend our Tuesday Basketball ECAs whether they were invited to play on this occasion or not.


Watch this spare for our next BISAC Under 11 action which will be the Football on Saturday 24th January.


Go Patana!


Mr. Tatam

Head of Primary Physical Education


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