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Year 1 and 2 Swimming Gala 2014
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Primary Physical Education: 

Primary Cricket 2012

Published Thursday, May 31, 2012.
Last updated: Thursday, May 31, 2012

Patana Primary Students Bat and Bowl in Kwik Cricket Fun Fest

On Sunday 20th May eight of our promising young cricketers took to the field at the British Club for their inaugural Kids Cricket event. Our team had been invited from our Term 1 Kwik Cricket ECA and from talent spotted during our “Try a New Sport” week in January. The boys were nervous and excited as were their Coaches for the morning of Mr. Morgan and myself.

After a brief warm up in the nets we were on for the first game against the British Club 1 team. The format for the games meant that each team started with 20 runs but lost 5 runs each time a player was caught, bowled or run out. Each batting pair batted for 2 overs and every player bowled 1 over each making for a fully inclusive experience.

Great moments of the match came from Robbie Johnston’s superb bowling, Oliver Della Bosca taking a great reaction catch at wicket keeper and lively fielding from Ronan Moore and Navraj Singh. After a very close match we eventually lost by 4 runs (1 wicket for or against).

Game 2 followed straight after against the British Club 2 team. Our collective batting let us down a little in this game as we gave several easy catches to the fielders. We need a miracle and nearly got one as our bowlers and fielders stepped up and played really well, taking regular wickets. Great catches from Ethan Carr and James Hamlyn and steady bowling from Vandan Luniya supported by some powerful battering from Neel Suphavadeeprasit were not enough as we lost again by a tantalizingly close  4 runs.

A great tournament and a wonderful opportunity to add a new sport to our growing list of Primary events.

A big thank you to the boys who played and the parents who supported in the very pleasant surroundings of the British Club.

Look out for our Kwik Cricket ECA in Term 2 next year!

Mr. Tatam

Head of Primary Physical Education









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Olympics 2012

Published Wednesday, May 30, 2012.
Last updated: Thursday, May 31, 2012

Olympic Fever Grips the Patana Community  

Preparations for the Olympics are well underway in London.  Here at Patana we can’t wait for the 27th July!!

Many of our students are taking the Olympic dream to heart and are working so hard.  Check out the progress of Dario, Alyssa and Lucy!

Keep up the good work everyone.
The Primary PE Team

Comment By Lucy's mum 

LOVED the video!!!
Lucy, Dario and Alyssa certainly looked as though they were training hard. Mr Tatam deserves a gold medal for his hairstyle:)

Published on Thursday, May 31, 2012

Swimming Galas 2012 K2, Year 1 and 2

Published Tuesday, May 15, 2012.
Last updated: Thursday, May 31, 2012

K2, Year 1 and Year 2 Swimmers Hit the Pool Looking Cool!


What a thrilling week it was recently for all of our risk taking K2, YR1 and YR2 students!  For the past few weeks our students had been preparing themselves for the highly anticipated Swimming Gala’s by practicing hard for their fun and exciting events. These events ranged from the wonderfully named Underwater Obstacle Odyssey, Stepping Stone Bonanza, Kick Board Kicking and Stroke Technique for our K2 classes, to a greater variety of ability related individual and relay events in Year 1 and Year 2. 400 of our younger children show cased their water skills and swam in front of a supportive gallery of friends and family whose cheers could be heard throughout the Primary School and beyond! All of our young swimmers were working hard in a range of different stroke techniques and water based fun activities. The emphasis of our Patana Swimming Gala’s is always to foster enjoyment and building the pupils self-confidence in the water. In Thailand we are surrounded by water which can be great fun but also a great danger if we do not respect it. At Patana our focus and aim is to reinforce in our students through fun learning games and by developing water confidence, many important water safety and life skills.

Well done and thank you to all of the swim team for their work in preparing the children throughout the year, all staff that helped out on the gala days and to the parents who came along to support.

Finally a huge thank you to our Year 5 students who helped with the K2 Galas and congratulations to all of our K2, Year 1 and Year 2 children for their magnificent effort and energy in the pool on their Gala days.

Jojina Goodman

FS & KS1 Aquatics Instructor/ Coordinator

Click here to see more pictures from our K2 Gala

Click here to see more pictures from our year 1 Gala
Click here to see more pictures from our year 2 Gala

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Triathlon 2012

Published Thursday, May 24, 2012.
Last updated: Thursday, May 31, 2012

Patana students Tri…… TRIATHLON

Rumours of kid’s triathlon were discussed at the adult races, a few mutters here and there and before you know it Tabitha and her team have organised an event at Bangpoo Golf Club.  All we needed now were some kids to take part. Armed with prior knowledge of triathlon we set to work finding students who could rise to the challenge.  Several students came knocking on the PE door to sign up, what followed were early morning training sessions in the pool and gym. Several swim, bike and running practices prepared the students well for the race.

Students took part in races related to their age, which included a big contingent from the secondary school and fourteen primary students as young as just 7 years old competing.  In fact BPS had the youngest competitor in the triathlon, with one of the girls - Amelia (Millie) Guyett (2T), only just having turned 7, a week before the race.


7 – 9 years

10 – 12 years

13 – 15 years

16 – 18 years



50 m

200 m

300 m

400 m





10 k

15 k








With 100 participants and many competing for the first time, the event went smoothly, more importantly all the students enjoyed themselves. All competitors won a medal and some Patana students did exceptionally well.  Well done to all the students who took part, but special mention to Ethan Abai Haddon year 7, Sam Baldwin year 10, Hugo Illing year 10 and Chloe Ledger year 11 for coming in the top 5 of their age group. Another mention goes to the Johnston family who had all three of their children in the race Tom, Robbie and Rachel.

Finally, a very special congratulations must go to Yoran Van Keer (4S) for winning the 7-9yo age category and to Lachlan Kimpton (6T) for winning the 10-12yo age category.

Well done to all the competitors a great achievement and we look forward to seeing everyone train for the September event.

Tracey Barton and Brad Coulter

For more pictures click here

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2012 BISAC Tee Ball

Published Monday, May 21, 2012.
Last updated: Monday, May 21, 2012

Primary Tee Ballers Strike for Glory at the Boys and Girls U’11 BISAC Tournaments

We were delighted to be able to enter a very satisfying 3 Boys and 3 Girls teams into this years’ U’11 BISAC Tee Ball events and I am sure that all of the children who took part enjoyed their opportunity to represent the school in some friendly competition. Please read and enjoy the following reports from the 3 different venues.

U/11 Girls BISAC Tee ball teams turn up the heat

On a hot Saturday morning three Patana Girls’ teams headed to Bromsgrove to play some blistering tee ball.

The Tigers were defending champions and so the team to beat. Alas we started the first game at only a tepid temperature.  Against a good RIS side the girls held their nerve and finished with a draw. This game saw the girls start to gel as a team, displaying trust in each other combined with good communication and accurate throwing. With no time for a break the second match was against hosts Bromsgrove. The girls upped the tempo to lukewarm and easily won this game due their excellent fielding. The next match against Harrow would be a crucial game. Both teams were evenly matched with some superb catches made by both sides. The game reached boiling point as Harrow’s last batter came to hit. It was a big hit but the girls combined well to bring the ball back to home and stop Harrow from winning. The final result was a 9-9 draw. Our final match was a simmering performance against Shrewsbury with excellent batting from most of the team.

Our results meant the Tigers team has made the final against Harrow. Everyone knew it would be a tough game and would have to play their best tee-ball.  After the first innings the girls were down 4-6 but kept their composure to reverse the score in the second innings 6-4 resulting in a tie. A deciding third innings was played. Great teamwork, decision making and fielding kept Harrow to 4 runs. Coming down to the final hit we were in a good scoring position, it was a scorching hit and the runners set fire to the diamond in their effort to get home. At the end of the innings we had won by 1 run. Congratulations to all the girls on representing Patana with fantastic skill, sportsmanship and teamwork. (Ms. Fiona)

Mr. Amuchou writes about the Patana Orange team

The day started with a match against Shrewsbury B, it was incredibly tight and we played as hard as we could but we lost by 2 runs. Following our loss we then played Harrow B. It was head to head after the first innings but again Harrow managed to sneak in some extra runs in the 2nd innings. The third and final match was against the Patana Black team.  This was an enjoyable game and we managed to win by 3 runs.

All the girls played well but Sophia Perry 6T deserves a special mention for her excellent batting and fielding. From watching the matches we thought that our batting was good however there was room for improvement in fielding. Overall the girls played really well and had a fun day!!

Khun Patcharee writes about the Patana Black team

The Patana Black team started the tournament with a match against Harrow B. This was a close game with the girls getting used to working together as a team. Unfortunately we lost by 3 runs. We made up for it on second game against Shrewsbury B. Again this was a close match but the Black team were victorious and we won by 2 runs. The final match of the day was against the Patana Orange team. We knew this would be a difficult match to win and even though we lost the team performed admirably.  I was impressed with our batting on the day and the area to work on now is our fielding.  This is a developmental team of Year 4 and 5 students. It was pleasing to see everyone work hard and try their best.  Special mention goes to Philine Baak 4R, Serena Gray 5C and Gene Dumnernchanvanich 5B for their contributions to the team.

The Boys Tiger team gathered early at NIST on Saturday morning, the atmosphere was tense as the boys knew that they had a long day of Tee Ball ahead of them.  The team was going into the competition as defending champions but knew they would need to work hard if they were to retain that title.

Ruamrudee International School were our first opponents and the boys got off to a fantastic start, beating them convincingly 29-09, some great fielding and batting all-round!  Our next match was against a strong NIST team and we knew that this would be one of our toughest games.  It was a very tough match with every point being hard fought, very close all the way to the end!  Unfortunately it wasn’t to be our day and NIST won 13-19, however we were still through to the semi finals and were hoping that we would get a chance to play NIST again in the final.

Shrewsbury were our next opponents in the semis and the team was keen to get on with it after their previous defeat.  The boys played superbly and came away as winners 16-06, thanks to some awesome fielding.  NIST would be next in the final!

The boys got off to a very nervous start but were still able to keep the game level after the first innings.  In the second disaster struck, as NIST performed excellently in the field, the Tigers were unable to recover and eventually lost the game.  It was a fantastic final and a gutsy performance all-round, but NIST came out worthy winners in the end.

It was a great day and as always the Tigers were a credit to the school and their parents!  Thank you to everyone who came to support and cheer us on. (Mr. Chris)

Mr. Rice and Mr Brad write about the Patana Orange and Patana Black Teams.

Saturday the 12th May was another terrific day of Tee Ball for 23 Patana Boys who went to Shrewsbury School to compete in the BISAC ‘B’ Championships.  Mr Rice had the Patana Orange Team with a mixture of Year 4 & 5 boys in it and Mr.Brad had the Patana Blacks with a Year 5 & 6 boys.

The day started with the two teams being separated into two pools, an A pool and a B pool, which ensured Patana Black and Orange would not have to play one another unless they both got into the Final. 

The Patana Orange team started the day on a winning note. After a shaky first innings in the field where they gave up 7 runs, they came back in the second with some fantastic defensive play, only conceding 2 runs to the Harrow White team.  Some great batting from Chali and superb fielding from Santi helped secure the win.

In the second match, the Patana Orange team again displayed some fine batting and fielding, but they were just slightly edged by a much larger and older Shrewsbury team. However, a record of one win and one loss was enough to get them into the 3rd-4th place game.

In the final game of the afternoon, Patana Orange got off to a fantastic defensive start. A highlight of the innings was a superb catch by Paul resulting in a double play. Unfortunately, the Patana Orange boys weren't able to get their bats going and were edged by the Shrewsbury team and had to settle for 4th place. 

Patana Black started off with a game against Harrow School.  The boys started nervously but by sticking to the team tactic of ground balls the boys won 20-8.

The next game was against the American School of Bangkok (ASB) and saw the boys play with great confidence.  They did not allow an ASB batter to get beyond 2nd base with some awesome fielding including a great fly-ball catch and a triple play.  Patana Black certainly enjoyed their game as they came away as 20-0 winners.

The third game of the day was always thought to be our hardest, playing one of the two Shrewsbury teams, both of which had some big hitters, who could clear the diamond easily.  This involved a change in tactics in the field with the outfielders standing deeper and moving in for the softer hits. The game was hard fought with some outstanding fielding from both teams. The  team eventually grinding out a 14-11 win, putting them through to the final.

In the final the Patana Black team got off to a shaky start after losing the toss and being asked to bat they started with four straight outs.  This resulted in a very quick team chat and a reminder to stick to the team plan, which was ground balls into gaps and to work hard running around bases.  This resulted in 6 runs out of the remaining 8 batters which was a great confidence booster.  Once again the fielding was outstanding and we managed to restrict Shrewsbury to 5 runs in their opening innings.  8 runs in the second innings really set a platform to defend. The duo, of Robbie at Pitcher and Anil on 1st base were hard to get past resulting in numerous outs for Shrewsbury who could only manage 6 runs giving Patana Black a well-deserved gold medal and BISAC Plate win.

The team fielded very well all day with a lot of hard balls being caught in the outfield and in the diamond.  When up to bat, three people deserve special mention; Arnav Jhaveri, Advay Sharma and Charlie Flanders all had an awesome day at the Tee.

Great job to all players and a thoroughly enjoyable day was had by all.  Many thanks to all of the parents who came and supported our teams. 

A huge thank you also to all of the Coaches who helped take a team on the day and to all of our 6 Patana Teams for representing your school so positively.

Gooo Patana!!!!!

Mr. Tatam

Head of Primary Physical Education

Click here for more pictures

Comment By Jade Sarah Martin 5S 

We are the champions.

Published on Tuesday, June 26, 2012