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Primary Physical Education: 

Primary Fobissea 2008

Published Thursday, June 26, 2008.


After many months of preparation the Primary FOBISSEA squad of 6 boys and girls in each of the 3 age categories of U’9, U’10 and U’11 finally took off for the 2008 Games at the BIS Jakarta School. The children and Coaches delighted to put all of their hard work and training to the test in what was a highly competitive environment where the seven A Schools involved challenged for the honors in Athletics, Swimming, Tee Ball and Football.

The 3 days of competition started with Athletics on the Thursday where our young athletes performed with determination and displayed a great dead of talent. The team came away with a total of 35 Gold, 26 Silver, 19 Bronze and a Gold and Silver in the whole team Shuttle Relay events. A tremendous return for all of those early morning, lunch time and Monday afternoon training sessions and a great demonstration of the rewards for hard work and preparation. All of our athletes performed well but special mention must go to our U’10 boys who failed to make the podium in only 5 individual events, our U’10 girls who failed in only 3 and our U’11 girls who failed in only 4 events.

Day two began with the much anticipated Swimming followed by Tee Ball. In the pool the teams confidence was bolstered from the start with great swims in the opening four 100m Individual Medley races with 2 Golds, 1 Silver and a Bronze setting the tone for the day. Great swim followed great swim with an incredible 39 Individual Personal Bests being set during the morning. 38 Medals were also won out of the 61 events with 15 Gold completing a great team effort from our Patana swimmers who all competed in at least 2 events. The Tee Ball was as usual a hotly contested affair where our teams experienced the highs and lows of the competition. I was delighted with each of our 3 teams making the semi finals after some great results in the group stages. Unfortunately none were able to make the final but I was still pleased with a Bronze for our U’9 team and 4th place for our U’10 and U’11 teams in an area where we continue improve each year.

The final day of competition saw 36 very tired children raising their game for one last challenge at the much anticipated Football tournament. Once again I was delighted when all of our 6 teams progressed to the semi final stage of the competition. There was to be no repeat of missing out on a medal from that point with our U’11 Girls and U’9 Boys going on to achieve Gold while our U’10 and U’9 Girls achieved Silver with our U’11 and U’10 Boys bagging Bronze. What a day and what an achievement from all of our teams.

The FOBISSEA Games is about far more than just medals for individuals and the Schools involved but is also a great opportunity for our young athletes to make friends with many like minded students from across South East Asia. Our children certainly did not overlook this aspect of the Friendly Games and were a credit to the Patana Community.

I would like to thank all of the children and parents of all those who tried out for the team in Term 2 for their enthusiasm and support in what is a highly demanding process. The parents who made the trip to support us in Jakarta in such a positive manner and those who supported from Bangkok.  None of the above would have been possible without the help and support of all of the teachers who gave up their time to run our many ECAs during the year. Also the coaches who attended the Games and maintained a smile throughout the games Coach Cindy, Mr. Amuchou, Miss Kerry, Mr. Jolley, Mr. Fitz and Mr. Osborne. I thank you.

Onwards to the Garden International School in KL for next year’s Games. Stay fit!

Andrew Tatam
Head of Primary Physical Education



For highlights in pictures please click here . If you would like to see some of the official results from the BIS web site click here .

Here is a show to take a look behind the scenes.


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