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Primary Physical Education: 

BISAC Athletics 2011

Published Tuesday, May 24, 2011.
Last updated: Thursday, May 26, 2011

Primary Athletes Run, Jump and Throw Their Way

To Victory at BISAC

On Saturday 21st of May, 24 of our Year 4, 5 and 6 Primary students were delighted to suffer the heat at ISB for this years’ BISAC Athletics Meet. The Primary students joined the U’13 and U’15 teams and were certainly inspired by watching some tremendous individual performances by their Secondary schoolmates.

For the first time we were able to invite a B team allowing us to invite double the number of students which was very pleasing. The ISB track is a very good facility and the children felt privileged to run on the pristine azure surface. The surroundings certainly did not daunt our youngest competitions as they went about their individual events with a steely determination to achieve their fastest, further or highest results. Our A and B athletes kept achieving great personal performances with our Long Jumpers and High Jumpers in the Medals, our Baseball and Basketball Throwers also in the Medals and a series of great performances on the Track keeping us on the podium. Our final events were the 60m shuttle relays where we were able to give all 24 of our athletics a race in a team. The results put our final team position in no doubt as our Girls won their A race while our other 2 Teams are 1st and 2nd in the B race. This story was repeated by the Boys and Patana came away with both the Boys and Girls U’11 Team Champion awards. 

Thank you to all of the children who represented the school at the event and to the parents who braved the heat to cheer on all of our Patana athletes. A special thank you to Mr. Sean, Miss Ruth and Miss Fiona who were not present but who have worked hard at our Monday Athletics ECA and to Miss Vivienne, Mr Chris and Khun Patcharee for joining us at the event.

Well done, one and all!

Mr. Tatam

Head of Primary Physical Education

Click here for all the individual results. 

For more pictures click here 















Comment By Kirsten 

I am very happy because my brother, Ben, got a gold medal but I couldn't see his face when he's jumping.

Published on Tuesday, June 07, 2011