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23 February 2018

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After School Expectations
Well done on a generally smooth start to Block 3 ECAs and Season 3 Sports. A friendly reminder that your options after school are:

1. Go Home if you have no ECA
2. Attend your ECA
3. Sign-in at the Library until your ECA starts or you go home

At no point should you leave the campus to visit shops or cafes along Soi La Salle or further afield.

Students in Y7 - 9 are reminded you need to be going home with a parent, driver or on board the school bus. You are not authorised to take a taxi or other public transport.

Thank you for your cooperation, we do check.
Maths Lesson Today: Laptop essential!
All Year 7s will need to have their (charged) laptop with them for today's Maths lesson.

All of Year 7 have a very important task to complete, and you need a laptop to do so.

Additionally, please ensure you get to class promptly.
Student Loan Laptop
Please note that there will be no student loan laptops on Thursday 22nd February- Friday 23rd February in order to consolidate the laptop pool for the half term break. If urgent please email brta@patana.ac.th

TEDxBangkokPatanaSchool Ticket Registration

The TEDxBangkokPatanaSchool event will be on Thursday the 8th of March from 4:30-6:45 PM.

All tickets will be FREE OF CHARGE, with complimentary refreshments. However, please note that due to audience limits, we are only able to accommodate a maximum of 100 audience members. Thus, the tickets will be allocated on a first-come-first-serve basis. If you wish to attend, please sign-up via this GoogleForm : https://goo.gl/forms/EjSgr3iqlciPngak2 . Tickets will be distributed later this month.


Winter Olympics Fact of the Day
It's always controversial to try and rank the "Toughest" Olympic Sports, but the Winter Olympics Biathlon event is always up there! This sport has its roots in Nordic Military training and combines the sports of Cross Country Skiing and Rifle Shooting. Athletes must ski up to 15km and stop along the way at shooting stations and take shots at targets (both standing and prone) that are at a range of 50m. The athletes must be super fit to ski at speed but then control their heart rate and shoot with accuracy.

Sadly, this is our last Winter Olympics Fact of the Day, don't forget to tune into the Closing Ceremony this weekend. Happy Holidays!

Bought to you by your Athletic Council
Y11 Science Friday rotation lesson
This week please go to the same Science lesson that you have on a Monday P5+6.
And Finally: Backup
So much of the information we need to do our work is now in digital format. If this information was lost we would be severely disadvantaged. Please make regular duplicate copies of your files and keep the duplicates separate from the originals.

What to backup
Please submit items for the Secondary Daily Notices to your teacher.
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