BPS.net is the name for the new school administrative system. This system when complete will serve to automate many of the manual administrative processes in the school.

This system consists of a central database which holds the underlying key data that the school relies on. This data can be defined as student details, staff details, parental details and organisation details.

Around this central database are a series of modules that will utilise this key data, these modules will serve both the academic and the business needs of the school.

One of the main benefits to this work will the reduction in the duplication of data around the campus, as a majority of key data will be stored in the central data source. The longer term benefits will be the increased use of technology and easier access to information throughout the campus.

If you have access to the teachers centre you can see further details of the proposed applications under  development here. You can also download the full project plan here and view latest status reports here.

As these applications are internally developed we are keen to canvass as much opinion as possible during the development phase to ensure that finished modules will be genuinely useful for day to day work. We welcome all comments and suggestions, negative or positive!

The BPS.net team consists of:

Prasit Nimpitasuentorn Assistant Webmaster prni@patana.ac.th
Suraphon Phakhapornviwat Administrative Software Administrator suph@patana.ac.th
Simon Thomas Consultant / Project Manger sith@patana.ac.th
Doug Reed Webmaster dore@patana.ac.th

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