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Sometimes students are unable to log in to our password protected eClassroom from home. The following information might be helpful.

  1. Read the following information about logging in to our system;

  2. Complete the form below so that we can learn all about the possible causes of the problem.

The authentication takes the form of a standard Windows login dialog box. This may vary, depending on your operating system and/or your web browser.

The username field can accept "" . The password is your usual password.

If that doesn't work, and you are sure you are typing in your username correctly try this format:

Please Note:

  1. Only updated browsers will allow the integrated login. Older browsers will go directly to "authentication failed" page.

  2. Certain proxy and firewall connections will disrupt the handshake process and the authentication will fail. Try accessing the Patana Website from a different location such as your home, a friend's home or a cyber cafe.

  3. Only students can log into eClassroom. Parent Gateway usernames and passwords will not work.

If you are trying to access the eClassroom using a laptop that has previosly had a successfull connection in school try this:

  • Open the Internet Explorer.

  • Go to Internet Options.

  • Click Advanced tab.

  • Uncheck "Enable Integrated Windows Authentication*"

  • Restart Internet Explorer.


It has been reported that at least one person who was experiencing login problems has overcome them by logging in to their school email account first, then opening eClassroom in another tab. Try that, it might work!

The following data will help us identify the cause of the problem:

Your Full Name:
Your Patana Email Address:
The password you are using:
Type of Computer (Eg. PC, Apple Mac etc):
Operating System (Eg. Windows 98):
Browser and version (Eg. Internet Explorer 6):
Location (Eg. Home, Cyber Cafe):
If at home, who is your internet Service Provider?
Any other information or comments which may help us solve the problem:
This Is CAPTCHA Image
Enter number from above image:


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