The final week

We can’t quite believe it but we are now into our final week of the 2013/14 year! And what a year it has been!

Last week saw our Readers’ Cup come to a nail-biting finish and for the first ever time, we had not one but two winners! Well done to 5H and 5R and of course to all the classes for their excellent participation and sportsmanship.

On Thursday we have our Mega Day trip. Don’t forget to read the letter and listen carefully this week to instructions for what to bring. We can’t wait for what promises to be a fun day to celebrate a brilliant year!

A huge thank you goes out to Mr Bodwell, father of Tomi in 5G, for his inspiring talk this afternoon on Child Labour, a topic close to our hearts following our Victorians topic. Mr Bodwell is a wonderful example of someone who is making a difference in a world that is certainly not an easy place for many. We were all moved by his words, especially about how we can make a difference too. Food for thought indeed.

Well done to everyone for their excellent presentations about Victorians and change, we have been impressed by your knowledge and thoughtfulness.

And finally, Friday saw our incredible museum open its doors. I have it on great authority that both Lady Mantle and Queen Victoria were very impressed with your efforts and expertise – well done to all!

Let’s all make this last week one of the best ever!

The Year 5 Team

Posted on:  23th June 2014 (Posted By:  LARO)
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