Before going to the trouble of setting up VPN an easy way to retrieve documents from the school's shared folders is explained here .

Virtual Private Network

This facility allows staff and students to access folders on the school network from home.  If you would like to try if for yourself please click on the link below to see configuration instructions

Before you are granted access you must confirm in writing (email) to Khun Ad, the Network Administrator (mailto:siwi@patana.ac.th)that that your home computer is running a legal version of the operating system and that you subscribe to an anti virus program which regularly updates itself via the web.

Once connected you will find that access to files is much slower than if you were on campus. It is advisable to copy files to your local computer before working on them, then copying them back to the network when you've finished.

Type \\bpsfiles.patana.ac.th into your file explorer to access the school network files.

Manual connection instructions here.

Mac Users can find instructions here.

Windows 7 & 8 Users can find instructions here.