Laptop Clinic

The IS/IT Department are able to support students with certain issues and problems they may have with their personal laptops. Requests to make changes to the operating system and hardware will not be dealt with by the school but the student will be advised to consult with the software/hardware supplier.

The school can help with...

  1. connection to the school network
  2. connection to the Internet
  3. operating system configuration (for school network connection purposes)
  4. school email client configuration
  5. printing issues
  6. school approved software
  7. secure recharging points and storage

The school cannot help with ...

  1. hardware issues
  2. virus/malware related issues (except configuration of Sophos)
  3. devices other than laptop computers
  4. laptops not previously registered to a student
  5. syncing/connecting peripherals to personal laptops
  6. laptops using an operating system not in English
  7. retrieving lost files

Please make an appointment before visiting the IS/IT Department. The school can provide a short term loan of a basic laptop while a student gets their personal laptop repaired.

When laptops are given to IS/IT support staff to update or repair, users are reminded that it is their own responsibility to manage their data. This means they are responsible for assuring the removal/backup of all documents and personal folders, including those storing e-mail, address books.