Laptop Law

A Poster for the Classroom

To connect to the Internet most programs (such as Internet Explorer) will accept "Automatically detect settings". For others (such as Dropbox) in school change your proxy to port 8080 and tick the checkbox to bypass the proxy server for local addresses.

When asked for the username and password enter your full Patana email address and your normal password. In order to access the shared folders type \\BPSfiles into your file explorer. More information at:

24 7

Twenty Four Seven

This means that our one to one laptop programme does not imply that students should be starring at a computer screen all day (nor all night!)

 The wireless signal SSID for students is:

"Patana" - for all devices

 If your laptop is plugged into the wall

Please ensure no one will fall.

Keep the wire clear of where people walk

Or they may trip and then you’ll squawk!

Push your desk up close to the socket

Think “Safety First” … Have you got it?  


All laptop users, apart from Senior students, should use the Laptop Rooms (HuM204 and HuM214) if they wish to use their laptop during break or lunch time.

Don't let this be your laptop!

If a personal laptop breaks down during a lesson, student should not leave the room in search of technical assistance. School laptops can be borrowed for short periods of time to cover for broken personal laptops but the application to borrow should not be made during lesson time.


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We often hear of students who have lost valuable files because they have deleted them by mistake or lost the USB drive they had their only copy on.

Now that more and more of your school and personal work is stored digitally you should develop a regular schedule for backing up your data and settings. Make a habit of producing a backup on an external hard drive or in the cloud!Sunday evenings work well for me... When would be a good time for you?

It's also a good idea not to keep your originals and backups in the same place... just in case of flood or fire.