Elementary Music Representative Activities Registration

Bangkok Patana School
Please print form and return to Rachel Stead, Elementary Music Co-ordinator

Name:  ______________________________________________  Class:  __________________

Elementary School Representative Activities are:  (please tick an activity / activities)

Elementary Concert Band (Wednesday)
Elementary String Ensemble (Wednesday)
Year 3/4 Choir (Monday)
Year 5/6 Choir (Monday)


General   Musicians participating in the School Representative Activity programme should understand that many students will see them as role models.  Consequently, they must ensure that, at all times, their behaviour and conduct reflects the highest standards expected of students at Bangkok Patana School.

Duration   The School Representative Activity programme operates throughout the school year.


Rehearsals/concerts   Rehearsals take place once or twice a week and musicians are expected to attend all sessions unless they see their ensemble leader to excuse themselves.  Concerts are arranged for afternoons, evenings and sometimes on weekends.  There are often concerts at the end of term so it is best to check the schedule before booking flights etc.


Uniform   A music uniform is worn by all members of School Representative Activities.  This will need to be purchased from the school shop at a cost of 1,200baht.

Child:  I will do my best to live up to the expectations listed above

Signed: _____________________________________________ Date: ______________________

Parent:  I have read the above and agree with the terms of the School Representative Activity programme

Signed: _____________________________________________ Date: ______________________

School Transport
Is school transport required after the activity?  
(please tick the appropriate box)

Yes, school transport is required
No, we do not need school transport