Extra Curricular Activities

School Representative Activities
There are certain ensembles, which in the Elementary Division are called School Representative Ensembles.  These ensembles frequently perform to represent Patana at outside functions.  Members are expected to show long term commitment to their chosen group - once they have joined an ensemble they are expected to carry on from term to term.  Music Priority days ensure there are no clashes with a representative sporting team on the same day.

Choirs may not be able to accommodate all those who audition and the band and string group are by invitation. If your child has been playing their instrument for one year or more and think they qualify for the band or string ensemble please contact Rachel Stead (rast@patana.ac.th) who will arrange an audition. Auditions for new members occur towards the end of each term.

Year 3/4 Choir
Year 5/6 Choir
Elementary Concert Band
Elementary String Ensemble



Other Ensembles
There are many other ensembles in school such as guitar ensembles, flute groups,  recorder groups and early years choir.  These are advertised in the Activities booklet distributed at the beginning of each term.

Each term in the music department, we are always busy organising the next concert! There are at least 2 Informal Concerts every term for soloists or ensembles who have a piece ready to perform and one or two picnic concerts featuring Elementary Ensembles/Choirs. We have the traditional school concerts such as the Christmas Celebration, the Summer Concert and also a joint choir concert with NIST, another local international school, these concerts are now known as the PataNIST series.  Other less formal events such as Book Week Buskers and the Fun Day Tea Room are always popular. We have also been asked several times in recent years to perform for governors and visiting dignitaries at various functions. Our ensembles and soloists regularly have the chance to perform in assemblies and in class music lessons. The Elementary Division also have their occasional Sunday Brunch concerts around town for the Representative Ensembles. Other performance opportunities frequently present themselves and we are always keen to make the most of these when they occur.

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