Foundation Stage Music

 Welcome to the FOUNDATION STAGE MUSIC pages!

Here you’ll find the latest news about music sessions in Nursery, K1 and K2, with the youngest but most enthusiastic music-makers in Patana! Also, some of our favourite songs to sing along with the children, and ideas to make music together at home using ‘sound-makers’ around the house (Mums beware and keep those earplugs handy!)
  This page will also carry links to some wonderful children’s sites on the worldwide web which feature interactive music games suitable for 0-6 years which you can explore with your child. Do let us know if you discover  any other sites worth visiting so that we can share them on this page (send an email to Sam :  ).


Our Favourite Songs

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Kindergarten 1

Kindergarten 2


Nursery children have three 20-minute sessions of music a week. Most of these are held in their  classroom. Occasionally,  they walk down to the music room and explore the bigger musical instruments. Sometimes they have  music sessions in the garden, where there's lots of room for  marching bands and circle games, not to mention the possibility of improvised instruments from the buckets and spades in the sandpit!

Apart from nursery rhymes, action songs, and singing games, the children in Nursery focus on CHRISTMAS SONGS in term I, ANIMALS in term II and NURSERY RHYMES in term III. They are given the opportunity to accompany themselves on a variety of classroom percussion instruments like marracas, egg-shakes. bells. wood-blocks, and tambours.

Click here are some of our current favourites. Ask the children to ‘teach’ you the songs with all the actions.


The K1 classes have three 20-minute sessions of music a week held in the Early Years music room. Apart from sing-along favourites, action songs and popular nursery rhymes, many of the songs are linked to themes being explored in the K1 classroom. In term I, the focus is on CHRISTMAS SONGS in preparation for the annual Foundation Stage Christmas production which is held in December. In term II, the themes are FOOD and WHEELS. The children spend a lot of time 'shaking' like a 'Jelly on the Plate', jumping into the 'soup pot' during our 'Vegetable Soup' song, or dashing about in time to the 'Wonky Bike' song. In term III, its time for planting seeds and watching 'Five Little Leaves' get blown by the wind as we turn to GROWING THINGS. The children use a variety of un-tuned percussion instruments to accompany themselves and gradually become familiar with their names and sounds.

Click here to view the songs.


The children in K2 have one 40-minute session of music a week in the Early Years music room. They experience a variety of musical activities involving singing, movement, games and playing the classroom percussion instruments. Many of the singing games and songs they learn are link to the themes being followed in the K2 classroom. In term I we begin with learning songs about OURSELVES and then move onto CHRISTMAS SONGS, culminating in the annual Foundation Stage Christmas Production in December.

 In term II, the themes are MINI-BEASTS, FAIRYTALES and MEGA-BEASTS. One is likely to find swarms of "bees" in the music room, or bugs boogying here and there! Also you will hear them singing about lots of traditional fairy tales and which characters are in the stories!  In Term 3 the theme links to DISCOVERY with the focus on  growing things and also looking at colour songs linked to our end of term Art Exhibition.

The children also explore music from other cultures, such as China and Japan. In the last term, the K2 children are introduced to the instruments of the orchestra through the story of “Peter and the Wolf”. We incorporate as many ‘Live’ demonstrations on instruments as we can for the children to see.  They also make an exciting start to reading rhythm notation.

Click here for the words to some of the songs we learnt at school.