Elementary Music

The aim of the Elementary Music Curriculum is for all students, by the end of Year 6, to have developed their music ability through performing, composing, listening and appraising music from a range of contexts and styles.

Students should develop:

- skills needed for singing, playing, composing music and being an informed listener;
- understanding of musical structure and style; 
- knowledge of repertoire involving music of different styles and settings; and
- attitudes of confidence in, enjoyment of, and interest in, a variety of music.

The curriculum promotes continuity and progression from the Foundation Stage through to Key Stage 3.

The children often perform in concerts, productions, presentations and assemblies. Each year several productions and presentations are run in collaboration with homeroom teachers, eg Foundation Stage Christmas Production, Year 1 Production, Year 2 Production, Year 3 Production, Primary Production, Tudor Presentation (Year 4), Victorian Music Hall (Year 5), Year 6 Mini Musical.

All children from Year 1 upwards are offered the chance to learn a musical instrument.  The Music Department also runs a range of extra-curricular groups. At present these are; Year 1/2 Choir, Year 3/4 Choir, Year 5/6 Choir, Year 4 Recorder Ensemble, Year 5/6 Recorder Ensemble, Elementary Band and Elementary String Ensemble.