Junior Music Camp 2003 
Ambassador City, Jomtien
12-15 October

The Elementary Strings, Elementary Concert Band and the Year 5/6 Choir had a great opportunity recently to kick start their year of music-making by spending 4 days in Pattaya on the second annual Junior Music Camp. The days were filled with singing, instrumental practices, composing, swimming, games, a quiz and a concert.

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String Ensemble Recording from JMC 2003


102 children and 10 staff participated in the trip and here is what some of them have to say:

What I enjoyed most of all was the composing. I loved making up our own music and I found that I got really involved. It was a truly excellent time, even though my group didn’t win the team points competition !
Olivia Daniel, 6J

Dear diary...
Ahoy Ahoy, we are here!
Just as we stepped into our rooms, me and my 2 room-mates were really stunned. We didn't expect the rooms to be so nice and comfortable-looking. Of course, many things that we didn't expect are probably going to happen...good things. As Nat drew the curtains, with gasps of astonishment, and Prim exclaimed a big 'wow!', I knew my prediction was right. Outside, was the most humungous swimming pool I've ever seen. It is so big I don't know if I would be able to swim around all of it without getting tired.
Rita Teo, 6P

At Music Camp I was in the recorder ensemble and It was really interesting because we usually only get to play the recorder once a week in music Class!
Shannon North, 5W

Music camp is the best.
Music camp was great fun. When I left my house and was on the way to school, I felt a bit nervous. But at the same time I was excited. In the end I reached school and went to the hall. My friends were sitting down on the floor next to the wall so I spotted them easily. I shared a room with Ann and Rynda. I had fun sharing a room with them. My favourite part in music camp was playing the xylophone. The songs I played were called ‘Crunchy, Crunchy, Crunchy’ and ‘Banana Tango’. The food was delicious. The desserts were nice too. We had cakes, ice-creams, jelly and many more. But swimming was the best!!!
Ping Ho, 6G

My best moment at music camp was being in the samba band. It was the the first time I had ever heard samba music. I hadn't known that it came from Brazil. I found it very exotic and exciting - like nothing I had ever heard before. I have been lucky enough to have been to different parts of the world but never knew that people could invent and make their own instruments that could be so much fun! I got to play the egg - something I thought was only for eating! However, my favorite bit was making a song up with my group and having everyone sing it.
Tiffany Tse, 5P

First we were divided into nine different groups.
As we were in different groups to our friends, we all got a chance to mix with people we may have otherwise never have met. Working together was a very important part in music camp because we had a big competition to see which team could earn the most points. We had to sit up straight, be very quiet, be - in any other way - well behaved and take part in as many competitions as possible. It was a lot of fun but also hard work!
One of my favorite things about music camp was that when we did the concert, we got to see what every one else had done in their groups as well as performing ourselves. Until then we had practically no idea what the other ensembles had worked on!
Sarah Cole, 6B

Everyone who went music camp had lots of fun and everyone learned lots of things. I have learned about lots of different instruments and how they work.
MUSIC CAMP WAS A BLAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Laurie Foxon, 5M 

I was in the samba group with many of my friends. Samba is a group that uses percussion instruments and funky rhythms. I enjoyed it very much!
Kristine Asferg, 5M

I learnt new songs, got to know my friends better, improved my xylophone skills because it was my first time to play the bass xylophone. I was very excited when we played the Banana Tango because I was the only one playing a bass xylophone and if I made a mistake it would be heard clearly since I was the only one.
Hanoi Hantrakul, 6J

This year children from Y5 and Y6 have been on a most fabulous trip they will never forget! At Music Camp the most favourite bits for me were going to the beach, going swimming, singing and composing music. But apart from those I had loads of FUN!
Paew Ford, 6F

As you can see, lots of fun was had by all and perhaps the nicest thing about Junior Music Camp is that it doesn’t stop there; the children now have a very good foundation on which to build their music making for the rest of the year and further.

A round of applause goes to the staff who made it happen – Miss Alison, Miss Chris, Miss Ryan, Mr Earls, Mrs Arnsby, Miss Helen, Mr Cashin and Mr Bernie.

Rachel Stead