Learn about music

CBeebies Music
(BBC children's site)
Fantastic site to have great fun with music.  Lots of useful information and things to do - make your own music and instruments, play games, print out music of some of your favourite tunes, check out the UK top 40
BBC Quick Children's Music Links Games, learn how to make a pop song, orchestra guide, celebrity news, music from around the world
New York Philharmonic KidZone Great interactive site for kids
DSO Kids Lots of  games to play and interesting information for children
E-Worksheets Worksheets for teachers and links to other music sites for kids
BBC Parents' Guide Helpful guide for parents including  advice on starting to learn an instrument and motivating children to play and enjoy music

Music in Bangkok

       Association Board of the Royal Schools of Music, UK
Trinity Music School, UK
Bangkok Music Society
Bangkok Opera Foundation
Bangkok Community Theatre
Thai Ticket