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The annual six hour journey to Napo, Buriram, was an eye-opening experience for the little band of Year 12 students who carried a huge collection of donated clothes, toys and toiletries. We were welcomed at a local school with Thai music and dancing. The children, lined up in their pink uniforms, were ready to receive our donations. They were delighted by the gifts. They clamoured for the toys and they loved the toothpaste and soap. It was a moving experience to see so many children who depend so much on our generosity. Please continue to give generously to the Napo Village Project..

Napo TripNapo TripNapo TripNapo TripNapo Trip


"So lovely to see this visit to Napo: and the children in pink uniforms: such a change from the year I went (2000). Well done John Wood. You have benefited a whole generation up there too. Much love, Morna"

Morna McKittrick, Belfast now
Wednesday, June 13, 2012


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