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Our Mission

Our mission is to ensure that students of different nationalities grow to their full potential as independent learners in a caring British international community.



We have high expectations of all students and value continuity in their learning. At their individual level students achieve the highest academic standards.

Our British based educational ethos

  • provides a well-rounded education of the highest quality for English-speaking children
  • develops the essential knowledge and skills necessary for academic success
  • instils a love of learning in preparation for a productive and fulfilling future
  • values each student’s intellectual, physical, social and emotional development while encouraging them to be resourceful and creative
  • develops an understanding of self worth and the worth of others

Staff at Patana therefore

  • inspire students to fulfil their potential at an individually challenging level
  • develop responsibility and self-discipline
  • respect children as individual learners and plan accordingly


As members of our community, and as a result of their time with us, young people learn how to

  • value the richness of Thai culture
  • value their own culture, while showing respect for that of others
  • work as individuals and as part of a team
  • make, and act upon, informed choices concerning moral, ethical and aesthetic issues
  • develop lively, positive and inquiring minds
  • strive for excellence at all times
  • take pride in their own achievements and in the success of others
  • lead a balanced and thoughtful life


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