Patana Classic 2010

Many people's favourite event of the school year lived up to its reputation. A packed audience was captivated by the breathtaking displays of musical talent from Patana students.

Patana Classic

Patana Classic

Patana Classic

Patana's Classic

1 ORCHESTRA: Royal Thai Anthem

2 SENIOR CHOIR: 2 Madrigals

3 TAE HO: Trumpet Tune by Jeremiah Clarke

4 MEAGAN: Bach Cello Prelude

5 Vikki, Sichen, Man Fung, Mr Hopkins 2 pianos Handel Water Music

6 TING TING: 1st Movt. of Mozart piano sonata in C

7 ORCHESTRA: Beethoven Egmont Overture

8 MAN FUNG LEE: Schubert piano Impromptu in Gb

9 JADE: Clarinet Andante Sostenuto by Donizetti

10 TREBLE MAKERS: The Water of Tyne (folk song)

11 SICHEN WANG: Beethoven piano sonata Op 14.1 E major last movt.

12 SAI KITAYAMA: Mendelssohn Song w/o words E major

13 ANTHONY CATERWELL: Chopin Nocturne C# minor

14 ORCHESTRA: Faure Pavane




1 TOBY: 1st movt. Seitz Violin concerto

2 RITA: Rachmaninoff piano prelude C#m

3 MEAGAN: The Swan by Saint-Saens for cello

4 LEAH: Poulenc flute sonata 1st movt.

5 METINEE: Chopin Nocturne Eb

6 RITA: Violin concerto by Accolay

7 SOO HYUN: Chopin Fantasie-impromptu

8 ORCHESTRA: H.M. the King’s song and Pirates of the Caribbean

9 VIKKI: Last movt. of “The Piano” by Michael Nyman

10 RICHIE: 2nd and 1st movt. Of Tableau de Provence by Maurice Alto Sax

11 RITA and MR H: Jamaican Rumba 2 pianos:

12 MELVIN Tcherepin Timpani sonata

13 COMBINED CHOIRS Panis Angelicus

14 COMBINED CHOIRS and 2 piano and percussion O Fortuna

Patana Concert Series

"It was Awesome!"

Joshua Mo, 7F
Saturday, January 23, 2010


"I have a great job in a fabulous school! To watch, listen, and be part of Patana Classic is always a highlight of my year, and this year's event was no exception. Wonderful, moving performances, good standard, excellent student participation and encouragement of one another, and an amazing behind the scenes support crew to bring it all together. It was a great evening of music."

Alec Bien, Senior Teacher, Visual and Performing Arts
Monday, January 25, 2010


"Toby and Leah's pieces were absolutely beautiful!"

Komal, 11S
Tuesday, January 26, 2010


"Please keep Patana Classic as every year "must have" activity. We see the potential and talent of those students and the passion and hard work of those teachers. As parents, we are so proud to be a member of Bangkok Patana School."

Stella Tam,
Wednesday, January 27, 2010


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Mr. Weston, Mr. Hoye, Mrs. Zheng, Mrs. Cottan, Khun Mac, Khun Aim, Khun Tossaporn



Many  thanks  to Jonathan Ling and Shrewsbury International School for the loan of the Tam-Tam used in our final piece “O Fortuna”, and to  Yamaha for the loan of two fantastic grand pianos.