Primary Art Exhibition

The Patana Primary Art Exhibition started on Wednesday and has already proven to be a spectacular success. For the theme of the Exhibition we chose ‘Collaboration and Co-operation’ as we felt it was a chance to celebrate the way children in Patana work together. All of the pieces on display have been the result of team work; in some cases whole classes have worked together to create art works.

The huge variety of media in the Exhibition is staggering. The Exhibition ranges from the 3D sculptures of the Kindergarten children to the carefully constructed Batiks by Year 6. The Exhibition has also thrown focus on the creative process and we have tried to capture the tough but creative planning stages. I hope you enjoy seeing this celebration of collaborative spirit in Patana Primary and don’t forget to look out for Year 1’s huge transport sculptures dotted around the campus.

Well done to all the artists in the Primary. In the words of Sunny Soni Y4 “Thank you for sharing your great artwork with us. It’s fabulous!”

Joe Warren
KS2 Art Coordinator




"I really enjoyed looking at the colourful drawings and paintings. I also really enhoyed the Year 5s drawings and paintings, I though that it was really cool!"

Mimi Minprapa, 6T
Wednesday, February 7, 2007


"I took both my daughter & a class group around to see the entire exhibition today (2 sweaty trips!). I was amazed at the variety of mediums and themes we saw. I was especially impressed by my favourite exhibit, which was the Year 5 '3D' double-sided drawings of animals. None of us had ever seen anything like that before. It was voted number 1 by our little group! Many big thanks to all the staff who worked so hard to put the exhibition together. It must have been an enormous job. Well done!"

Virginia McPhee (Ms Ginny), Year 2D/2P ESL Instructor
Thursday, February 8, 2007


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