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The Trial

Year 10 GCSE students delighted an invited audience of family and friends by performing an extract from Steven Berkoff's The Trial adapted from the Kaffka novel of the same name.

The GCSE group had been working on the play during lesson time, learning about this particular style of physical theatre where actors use their whole body and voice to communicate inanimate objects as well as characters within the play.
It is a particularly demanding style of performance which the students delighted in.
The set was created using 8 metal frames which were moved by the actors within the action to create different performing spaces on stage. All actors were dressed in dark suits, their faces were painted white. This enabled their expressions to take on a mask like quality fully communicating the grotesque style of the piece.
The audience members were full of praise for the standard of performance achieved by the students. We look forward to to their examination piece in Year 11.

"The best year 10 GCSE drama piece I have ever seen, I really loved EVERYTHING about it!"

Alyssa, 12D
Friday, June 29, 2007


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