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Mathematics for Parents

Maths for parents

"It wasn’t taught like that in my day!”

When I reflect on my Primary Maths lessons (too many years ago now) I don’t ever recall being taught to use a number line or if I knew how to partition a number.  Maths was often a complicated and at times alien subject.  Thankfully this is no longer the case for myself or for the children at Bangkok Patana!
Parents of Year 2 and Year 3 children were shown how Maths is taught in Year 3.  The importance of progression and the need for children to be empowered with numerous strategies was emphasised.  They were shown how to use a number line to solve multiplication calculations and how division is simply repeated subtraction!  The progression from a horizontal number line to a more “traditional” vertical layout involving partitioning was demonstrated.  Finally the understanding that multiplication and division are the inverse to each other, “Know this and you know that!”
Parents were then invited back to Year 3 classrooms to see strategies being applied in lessons.  The children became the teachers as they talked their parents through the mental processes, showed their informal jottings and revelled with glee when their parents replied “I didn’t know how to do that!”  Sometimes it’s ok for our children to know more than us, after all, they are the ones attending school.
I would like to thank all those parents who attended the workshop, you were a great audience and even better students.  A final thank you to the Year 3 team and to the children.

Andy Parkin
Head of Curriculum Year 3


Maths for parentsMaths for parentsMaths for parentsMaths for parents


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