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Celebrating Year 7!

Grad23 had their last ever Year 7 assembly. The theme was ‘Celebration’ and the assembly was presented by Mr McDevitt and student Elizabeth Holden. The assembly kicked off with a riveting poetry performance by the winners of this year’s Bangkok inter-school poetry competition, Lily Jones and Laxwinniey Vasudevan. The tutors had nominated tutees for awards, the recipients of which you can see below, and the role of the tutors was celebrated by the students with a round of applause and a box of chocolates for each tutor. We also said goodbye and good luck to the leavers before finishing off with a bang; a drum battle between Aadit Krishna Kumar and Mr McDevitt. 

The award winners were:

7B – Bianca (Leadership and Kindness) and Bethany (Energy and Commitment)
7D – Kazuma (Kindness and Caring) and Shannen (Helpful and Organised)
7E – Sammy (JSRC Rep, for keeping 7E and Miss Ellis organised) and Emiri (Volunteering, kind, generous)
7F – Andrew (most likely to perform on Broadway), Caitlyn and Nicole – (Joint prize for most positive attitude to life)
7H – Elizabeth (Hardworking, Mature, Responsible) and Naman (Volunteering for everything!)
7P – Siya (Creativity and Positive Attitude) and Yunha (Considerate nature and positive attitude when coping with adversity)
7R – Praewa (Considerate, Respectful, Smiling) and Harry (Positive, School Life, JSRC)
7S - Jeongmin (Representing 7W on the JSRC) and Ching Ching (7W and Mr Worrall’s ‘go to’ helper)

Celebrating Year 7! Celebrating Year 7!


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