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Season 1 Sports Tryouts

Representing the school in a sports teams is an honour and one that many of our students aspire to achieve in addition to their countless other commitments. As Season 1 sports trials get underway, around 500 students will take on the challenge in the hope of being selected for the team of their choice. Season 1 sports include basketball, touch and rugby for the Under 13 and Under 15s and cross country, volley ball and football for the Junior Varsity and Varsity teams. There are also year-round sports try outs underway for the Tennis team as well as SEASAC Golf and FOBISIA Under 15 trials for theses specific events.

It's great to see such a high number of students giving it a go, whether you made the team or not, well done for putting yourself out there and being a risk-taker. Remember, Michael Jordan didn’t make his high school team initially but went on to be known as the greatest basketballer of all time.

Season 1 Sports Tryouts Season 1 Sports Tryouts


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