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Where Have All Our Animals Gone?

Last week a disaster happened in Year 1 – all the class animals disappeared! There was widespread concern for the menagerie of animals, and classes were saddened even further on hearing about other classes’ misfortune!

Search parties were sent out around the Primary School, ‘Lost’ posters were put up everywhere they might have gone, but to no avail. Then we received word of the crazy critters favourite places to hang out in the Primary School. Quick to investigate, 1L and 1C went on the hunt, discovering and deciphering a variety of clues as to the whereabouts of their own penguins. Fortunately, their feathered friends were found safe and well at the swimming pool, clearly having enjoyed a nice, cooling swim.

Where Have All Our Animals Gone? Where Have All Our Animals Gone?


"I am so glad the penguins were safely found!"

Ms HelenThew, Assistant Principal Student Welfare
Tuesday, August 29, 2017


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