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Introducing Feed the Barrel

Guest speaker Lena Adams Kim from the USEPA (United States Environmental Protection Agency) introduced the audience of Primary and Secondary students and staff to Feed the Barrel. This project was started by a small Indonesian immigrant community in Philadelphia to combat the variety of problems caused simply by disposing of used cooking oil down the drain or in the trash.

Throwing oil in the bin causes harmful effects to the environment as the oil produces methane gas which contributes to climate change, as well as the oil leaching into the ground and eventually reaching our oceans. The community were also fed up of clogged drains and plumbing bills and contacted USEPA for their help in dealing with a long-term solution to the issue.

With the assistance of other small community companies, they began Feed the Barrel, turning the used oil into bio-fuel, organic soap and compost. Lena and youth ambassadors Madi and Natalie walked the audience through the wide range of positive outcomes, both environmentally and socially that the project has had and encouraged us to change our habits as we strive to do our bit for the environment.

To learn more about Feed the Barrel, click here .

Introducing Feed the Barrel


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