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Curriculum Updates in PE

The Secondary Physical Education Faculty are moving with the times. In the UK, levels are no longer used in certain subjects when assessing students. As such the PE team led by Mr Summers have adopted a new vision in line with Bangkok Patana’s whole school Guiding Statements.

The Physical Education Faculty intends for all students to engage in physical activities and develop a healthy lifestyle. Students are given opportunities to continue to develop and learn a wide range of skills.”

We are fostering an environment of enjoyment and well-being through physical activity, students are encouraged to develop healthy and positive social relationships as well as improve levels of skill and fitness. Talented students will be encouraged to join school teams and all students will be expected to adopt different roles in lessons to improve their thinking and communication skills, such as taking on the job of referee.

Students will no longer be awarded a numerical level, assessment will now be based on three strands; physical, thinker and communicator, with progress discussed at parents’ consultation evenings. The students have responded in a very positive manner since the start of term and it is clear to see that they are not only improving skill level and fitness but also developing as thinkers and communicators.

Curriculum Updates in PE


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