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Ror Dor Hospital Visit

The Ror Dor programme is an optional Thai military service programme for male Thai students. As part of the community service element of the programme, a group of our Ror Dor students visited Pramongkut Hospital, which houses soldiers who have been injured in the line of duty. The students presented soldiers with gifts and donations but they also benefited from the experience themselves, as one of the parents noted: 

"Thank you Bangkok Patana school for organising this very special community service for Ror Dor students at Pramongkut Hospital. My son told me stories of these soldiers who have sacrificed their life to protect the country. He feels sorry for these soldiers and those who need continual treatment. I believe my son was very attentive in listening to the experiences shared by these wounded soldiers. This trip was valuable and broadened their perspectives of life.”

Ror Dor Hospital Visit


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