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Key Stage 3 String Orchestra Festival

Student string players from ISB, ICS, TCIS, St. Andrews and Berkeley joined us to participate in the seventh and largest ever Bangkok Patana Key Stage 3 String Orchestra Festival. At Bangkok Patana, we’ve been talking a lot lately about Global Citizenship and are continually exploring ways that we can enhance the values of global citizenship within our school’s learning environment. This festival experience certainly does just that in addition to being a fun and challenging musical experience. 

Students collaborated towards a common goal without concern for who gets the credit. They participated actively, taking a role and generously sharing their skills and good will. The students experienced other cultures including Latin, Japanese and Celtic, through personal involvement in a culture’s musical tradition and showed courtesy, care and consideration when in a large group. The festival orchestra made great progress in a short period of time and culminated in an excellent concert in front of a large and appreciative audience.  

Key Stage 3 String Orchestra Festival


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