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The Adventurous Journey of Year 3

Year 3 started their theme of learning ‘The Stories People Tell’ with a very exciting event; they became adventurers and went on a journey. The students created characters for themselves and set off on their travels. It was a long and difficult journey with many obstacles to overcome along the way. When they finally arrived at their destination, it was nightfall and they needed to set up camp and rest for the night as it was not safe to enter the cave in darkness. 

The next morning, when they awoke, they crawled bravely into the cave and were met by a mysterious caped stranger called ‘Rivers’. Rivers explained that their life’s work has been to study mysterious creatures and document all there is to know about them. The children explored the cave and found a range of potions, enormous eggs and intriguing artefacts. They learned that this was ‘Bertha’s’ cave but they left with more questions than they had answers. Back in class, they imagined what Bertha may look like, what she eats and wondered about the eggs in the cave. 

The students were soon invited to visit Rivers again but this second visit was not as pleasant; poor Rivers was in a state! Bertha had knocked the book of creatures into the fire and there was very little left. Rivers was devastated. Luckily, the Year 3 children agreed to help Rivers rewrite the book and have already begun studying a range of mythical creatures needed to include in the book before giving it to Rivers. But first they will need to learn how to put an information text together effectively. We really do hope that the students can help Rivers recreate a lifetime’s work. 

The Adventurous Journey of Year 3


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