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Where Does Your Mind Take You to Escape?

During the last week of Term 1, CORE hosted its very own Christmas event in the Secondary Lounge to promote the annual student-led magazine; a prestigious publication to showcase the artistic talents of Year 7-13s. Fitting with the holiday season, students were given an opportunity to craft a poem for a friend as an early Christmas present, a much more personal gift than any bought object. The theme for this year’s magazine is "Escapism”; however, the magazine is accepting poetry and prose of any subject. As inspiration for ideas, students were invited to write one word answering the question "What does Escapism mean to you?". The activity generated a range of interesting concepts, from 'the meaning of true freedom', to much heavier themes like 'death'. As further incentive, these were answered as house-coloured ornaments, Phuket claimed first prize with the most responses. So, where does your mind take you to escape from the physical world?

We hope this holiday will serve as the perfect opportunity for students to get writing! Stuck for ideas? Need some inspiration? Check out CORE's Instagram @core_2017 then submit your poetry, prose, art and photography to

Where Does Your Mind Take You to Escape?


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