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Christmas Chemistry!

After a term of hard work for the students taking the Selective Primary Science ECA, it was time for some ‘Christmas Chemistry’. With students kitted out in their obligatory lab coats and safety specs, the final touch was their ‘Santa’s helper’ hats. Mr Burrell started with the classic ‘Menthos and Coke’ experiment sending a jet of foam to the ceiling. Our guest for the day, Mr Baker followed with dry ice and Universal indicator. This spectacular colour change experiment had the students juggling with the concept of acids and bases. Not to be outdone, the students built a ‘Boo Bubble’ generator with Mr Burrell's assistance. Giant bubbles of carbon dioxide were generated covering the desktops before bursting and disappearing!

With all the excitement, there was no time for the ‘elephant toothpaste’ or ‘ice-cream making’ experiments…oh well, we’ll save those for next year when we welcome everyone back to the Secondary laboratories for Selective Primary Science in 2018.

Christmas Chemistry!


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