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So...should we stop cutting down trees?

Year 5’s new theme of learning is Rainforests. The students will be learning all about where they are located in the world, why they are so important to us and will also explore the plants that grow within rainforests and learn about their life cycles. Year 5 will also will investigate why deforestation occurs and the effect that it is having on the planet.

To kick off this new theme of learning, the students were asked a big question: ‘Should we stop cutting down trees?’ After being divided into eight groups, each represented a company or group that uses the rainforest and the resources it provides. Students stepped into the roles of cattle ranchers, farmers, Pepsico employees, charity workers, activists, supermarkets, miners and loggers. They researched and discussed why the rainforest was important to them before presenting their findings back to the rest of the Year group. We now need to decide…should we stop cutting down trees?

So...should we stop cutting down trees?


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