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Year 9 Peer Options Morning

As the Year 9 students get closer to making their subject choices for (I)GCSE, the Options Peer Information-sharing Morning is a valuable support to their decision making. Year 10 and 12s were on hand to give them an overview of the different subjects from a student's point of view and answer any questions the Year 9s had.

The Peer Options Morning builds on the 'taster lessons' in Term 1 where the Year 9 students were given an explanation about that subject at (I)GCSE level, or were given an (I)GCSE task in an effort to give them a better understanding of what to expect from that subject in Key Stage 4. Students and parents also have access via Firefly ( to information which includes support pages for each Key Stage 4 subject. This includes a three minute explanatory video and other information provided by each Faculty to support student/parent understanding of each subject at available.

Year 9 Peer Options Morning


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