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Is This a Dagger I See Before Me?

As Year 10 begin studying their IGCSE English Literature play texts, a group of students had a hands-on and slightly gory introduction to William Shakespeare’s Macbeth! They became detectives and crime scene investigators, examining the murder of King Duncan of Scotland – the event from which the plot of Macbeth escalates. But who could be responsible for such a heinous deed?

The Year 10s carried out a thorough investigation: exploring the crime scene; considering key evidence; finding out information about the characters’ backgrounds, personalities and movements before and after the murder; and finally, interviewing some of the key suspects. The students came up with a variety of theories about who was guilty and what could have happened… So, will their theories turn out to be right? Do they have a future as crime scene detectives? They’ll find out as they read Macbeth!

Is This a Dagger I See Before Me?


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