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Primary Residential Weeks 2018

After weeks of planning, brightly coloured suitcases were finally loaded onto buses that quickly filled with excited chatter as our first groups of Primary students headed off for their Residential Visits. For Year 3, there were a few nerves ahead of their first ever overnight Residential. Year 5 are heading to the jungles and rainforests of Khao Yai whilst Year 6 are en route to outdoor adventures in the mangroves of Chantaburi! Year 4 have now also departed!

Whilst the Residentials will, of course, be lots of fun, there will also be lots of learning whilst allowing the students to grow in independence and try new things. Updates and information will be posted on the Year group Residential Blog pages, which you can access here:
Year 3 
Year 4 
Year 5 
Year 6 

Don't miss the departure video at the bottom of the feature!

Primary Residential Weeks 2018


"Have an awesome time everyone and don't forget to get some sleep as well!"

Matt Mills, Head of School
Monday, January 29, 2018


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