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Create Your Map for Success

Inspirational speaker Anita Henestrosa is travelling the world as she endeavours to reach a goal of inspiring 30 thousand students in 30 nations in 330 days for the Mapit30k Project. Our Year 10 students were lucky enough to be some of the 30 thousand! Anita used the session to show students how they can set goals, or as she puts it to create your map for success, achieve these goals and at the same time develop a “growth mindset”. She was excellent at putting this into context for the Year 10 students with references to her own life experiences. Anita had clear goals at every step of her life, beginning with breaking into the top 50 Swiss tennis players, then winning a tennis scholarship in the USA then living and working in San Francisco and finally becoming a motivational speaker to inspire young people on how they can set targets and reach them. 

Anita also shared with the group how to persist with the goals and how to overcome adversity along the way. The students were thoroughly engaged and were keen to ask questions as well as share their own dreams, something Anita was keen to help with.

Create Your Map for Success


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