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Lights, Camera, Action!

The Year 9 English students are producing short films that would have a ‘U’ certificate – a universal film, meaning they can be watched by all audiences. The focus of their films is the visual narrative as they carefully consider the tone of their project and the effect they wish to create for their audience. Their challenge is to make films that are positive and uplifting and focus on telling a story effectively with very little dialogue. Through this exercise, the students develop their skills of analysis as they select the most appropriate formats to create impact and engage their viewers.

These students have previously learnt about film-making techniques, such as camera angles, music, lighting, special effects, dialogue and animation, and are now getting the opportunity to put their learning into action.  The culmination of the project will be a 'Film Festival' in the Theatre on Wednesday 14th March, when selected films will be introduced by the students and watched by their Year group.

The ‘Film Unit’ is a highlight for our Key Stage 3 English students and the Year 9s are enthusiastically embracing the opportunity to demonstrate their learning while having fun.

Lights, Camera, Action!


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