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ISTA Festival - The Haunting

Bangkok Patana School played host to eight schools from around the Middle East and Asia who attended the ISTA Middle School Drama Festival.  Seven artists came from around the world to lead Key Stage 3 students and older Intern Ensemble Leaders in an exploration of the starting point of ‘The Haunting’. In the opening ceremony, students were entertained by Thai artists from Isaan performing a ghost dance called Pi Ta Khon before being entertained by a wonderful theatrical performance directed by Khun Chai sharing the famous Mae Nak ghost story with the audience. 

As part of the festival, students visited the nearby Erawan Museum with its three-headed elephant to explore Thai culture as reflected in the artwork and religious shrines there, before returning to share and explore their own beliefs from their cultures. A final sharing took place in the new Dance Studios where the audience wandered from room to room to see the different workshop groups exploration of the festival theme using puppets, music, song, mask, script work and comedy.

The whole festival was an amazing success in no small part to the amazing host families who opened up their homes to the visiting students and showed them a little taste of what it is like to live in Bangkok. This was a truly fantastic global citizenship experience for all.

ISTA Festival - The Haunting


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