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Student Technology Advocates

Introducing our ICT Advocates, members of our student body from both Primary and Secondary who act as a spokespeople for the students in their Year group. As a school, we recognise the need for student voice on ICT related developments. This group of students are not regarded as "ICT experts" nor do they replace "ICT Support", but as volunteers willing to give feedback on any ICT initiatives (software, hardware, strategies) we have within school.

The advocates share their feedback on the effectiveness of the ICT initiative with other students and members of the community. Increasingly, more emphasis is being placed on them as a communication channel for issues related to cyber-safety (e-safety), cyber-bullying and the traits of being a good digital citizen. Our team of ICT Advocates meet regularly for a lunch meeting. At each meeting, they deep-dive into an ICT initiative (software, hardware, strategies) and then give feedback on how it could impact on learning.

Student Technology Advocates

Student Technology Advocates


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