Foundation Stage Learning Fun!


 As the school is currently closed, you may like to enhance your child's learning at home by reading our current story, 'The Bad-Tempered Ladybird'. There is a link here to the story on YouTube. Possible avenues for learning might include making masks to retell the story using lots of different voices, going for a bug-hunt or finding out different information about the animals in the story on the internet.


Here are some other fun learning activities you might like to do!



Move to learn!

Have fun listening to and dancing to lots of different kinds of music.

Ride a bike or scooter.

Have fun in the swimming pool.

Can you jump up and down 10 times?

Can you hop on one leg?


Mark Making activities

Experiment with drawing - your child can use new and recycled paper and card of different colours and a range of writing equipment.

Paint with cotton buds or have a go at finger painting.


Fine Motor Skills

Here are some activities that will continue to develop your children's fine motor skills. (These are the skills, which involve small muscle movements of their hands and fingers)


Pick up seeds or other small objects with tweezers or tongs.

Tear and scrunch newspaper.

Make confetti using single hole punches

Cut and snip paper with scissors.

Put pegs on to a washing line and then squeeze them again to remove them.

Children love to cook and can experiment with chopping, slicing, grating, mixing, pouring and spreading.


Problem solving

Even very young children have amazing ideas for solving problems. You might like to ask them how they would solve some of these...

Move a hippo

Wash an elephant

Scare a dinosaur

Make Mum and Dad laugh


Playing Games

Hide and Seek is a big favourite!

It is a great incentive to learn to count and the children love being the ones to hide and to be the seekers!  One person counts to 10 while the other person hides. Can they be found?

Hide pieces from a jigsaw around the room. Children have to go and find the pieces, bring them back to a central point and help put the jigsaw back together.


Using our Senses

You can collect a range of materials and objects, both natural and man-made, giving your child the opportunity to discuss what they feel like to touch with their hands and feet. If you add a blindfold what can they tell you then?



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