Sports day.
We all had great fun on Friday at our Sports Day. It was a fantastic opportunity to show off our running, catching, throwing and scooting skills! I think that the parents also enjoyed watching their children too and would have liked to join in. The K2 children and teachers especially enjoyed their ice lolly treats that they had later in the day as a reward. Well done K2 you were all super sports!

Token day.
The children and staff have been working really hard in K2 learning all about minibeasts this half term. For example, did you know that bees can fly backwards? or that spiders are called arachnids? Ever class had reached their magical target of 100 tokens and so to celebrate we had a minibeast theme to our token day. Everyone came dressed in minibeast costumes. There were big minibeasts and little minibeasts. The children were involved in making minibeast cookies as well as a minibeast hunt. To finish off the day the children delighted their parents with their singing and dancing skills. Even the bigger minibeasts joined in! We all had a fantastic time and are already looking forward to our next token day!

Ship ahoy!!
At the end of last term the K2 children had their Pirate token day to celebrate all of their hard work and their collecting 100 tokens per class. A special visitor appeared, Pirate Bold,  who asked the children to help him find his lost treasure. So the hunt was on and lots of gold was dug up!! The children were also busy in their classrooms making pirate treasure maps, pirate hats, parrot puppets and ships. We had a great day and are all looking forward to our next token day at the end of this half term.

Happy Diwali.
Last Thursday we had a lovely day celebrating Diwali - the Hindu festival of light. The children were involved in lots of activities, they included dressing up, painting diyas, making Diwali cards and creating Rangoli patterns. Come and have a look at our photos.

Tiger Day
If you came into school on Tuesday you would have seen lots and lots of orange and black stripes. You might have thought that you had walked into a jungle and NOT a school. There were big tigers, small tigers and quite a few tails had grown overnight!! We had an amazing day in K2 making book marks and masks with some visitors from Year 6. We drew, painted and made tiger pictures. We sang tiger songs and danced tiger dances in our special assembly. We all had a grrrrrreat day. It just goes to prove that you can have lots of fun and help other people at the same time.

Token day.
Lots of cheers could be heard around the K2 block as each class reached their magic 100 tokens. This meant that we could all enjoy our Teddy Bears Picnic as promised on the last day of school before the holidays. As the children arrived at school clutching their teddies under their arms, they were greeted by some VERY big children indeed - a strange case of reversed identities!! They proudly introduced their bears to their friends and carried on happily playing. In class the children drew, measured and weighed their bears.We heard stories about teddy bears and even had time to make sandwiches and ice bicuits for our picnic in the afternoon. The picnic was a great success. Everyone sang and danced and did the "Hairy Beary" - K2's own version of the Okey Cokey!! A lovely end to a very packed half term.

Any one hungry?

Last week saw all of the children in K2 making their first trip of the year. Each class took it in turns to visit Cafe Patana [really it was the new sports hall that their teachers had turned into a cafe for the week]. The children were able to experience at first hand what it is like to be a waiter, chef, cashier and a customer. Ask any of the children what their favourite job was and you would be deafened by the sound of 'The customer'. I think it might be all of those delicious sandwiches that were made. It was really nice to hear one of the children asking their teacher if they could go to the Cafe  again and when they were told that they couldn't, they asked what if we went for just 5 minutes!! Hopefully the parents are having lots of help in the kitchen at dinner time now!! 


Please have a look at our photos to prove what a wonderful time we all had.


We're Going on a Bear Hunt........
K2 had an exciting morning hunting for Bears! After reading the story 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt' by Michael Rosen, K2 set off bright and early on their very own bear hunt. They encountered many obstacles along the way; long wavy grass, a deep cold river, thick oozy mud, a big dark forest, a swirling whirling snowstorm and finally a bear's cave with a small, sleeping bear inside. We returned the way we had come and hid in the K2 area but then heard some strange growling sounds. Suddenly a ferocious bear appeared and everyone scattered and hid! Luckily the bear was quite friendly and she seemed strangely familiar?!!!!

K2 visit to the National Gallery, Bangkok
  On Friday 25th May, K2 spent a very pleasant morning at the National Gallery in Bangkok admiring works of art and looking for inspiration for the Foundation Stage Art Exhibition to be held at the end of June. A convoy of 19 school buses full of very excited children traveled to the Gallery. Lucy T in K2K was expecting great things and was heard saying "I can't wait to see the Mona Lisa"! We did however, see a wide variety of styles and techniques and we are now ready to create our very own canvas!

K2 Swimming Gala
K2 have enjoyed yet another action packed week! We began on Monday with the K2 Swimming Gala in the 25m pool. It was a fantastic morning with 4 activities for the children to rotate around. A firm favourite was the stepping stones game, which was a test of balance and agility! It was lovely to see so many parent there to cheer the children on.

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