Accessing any Pictures or Worksheets

Dear Parents,


Unfortunately, any pictures or worksheets that we place on our Webpage or Blogs for your children cannot be downloaded, as we are unable to download attachments onto our webpages.


Therefore, to print anything like the music sheets that have been uploaded, you will need to take a screen shot of the image and then either print directly from that or paste it onto a Word document - from this you will also be able to print off the activity. Our apologies that this seems to be a long process, but we hope that you will be able to access the resources in this way.


If you have any problems, then please email either or and we will do our very best to help you.


Kind regards,

The Year 1 Team.


Parent Conferences

Thursday 27th October


Unfortunately, the Parent Conferences, which were planned for the 1st and 2nd of November, will now have to be postponed. They will be rescheduled once we are back at school - further information will be sent when we have more information.


Kind regards,

The Year 1 Team.


Further Ideas, Activities & Learning Opportunities

Wednesday 26th October


Please find below some further ideas, activities and learning opportunities from our Music, ICT and PE teams.



Have you sung any of these songs at school?  Perhaps you could teach them to some of the people in your house?


·         Bell Horses

·         See Saw

·         Bow Wow Wow


Can you point to the pictures on the bell horses beat chart on the beat whilst you are singing?


How about the See Saw beat chart?


Make your own Rain Rain card – print off the Rain Rain sheet and colour it in. 


You can do the same with the See Saw sheet.


To access the beat sheets and the colouring sheets please use the following link:


Kind regards,

The Music Team



There following websites are suitable for general all round ICT ‘experience’ type activities that would help the children with their:

General typing skills, and specifically key locations

Confidence using a keyboard

Mouse control and accuracy

General enjoyment

(Some of the activities may seem to be a little challenging for the children, but with a bit of support they should be able to do them)

Their website URL’s are:







The following activities follow up on what the children have been doing in their ICT lessons:






The children can also access any of the LINK AND LEARN activities which can be found on the PATANA website – these are curriculum area specific and area a good collection of children learning resources.


Kind regards,

The ICT Team.



Physical Development Opportunities


Have a go at some of the activities below and see how well you can do!!!  Remember, it’s all about setting yourself a personal challenge and enjoying what you do.

See how long you can skip without stopping. 

-       Set yourself a target e.g. 10 skips, 20 skips, 30 or more.

-       How long can you skip for, if you can get someone to time you?


Practise throwing and catching a ball, on your own or with a friend.

-       See if you can do it with one hand. 

-       See how many times you can do it without dropping it.

-       How high can you throw it and catch it.

-       Can you clap when the ball is in the air?  How many times?


Practise some of the things you have been doing in gymnastics.  Remember to always be in control and be safe.


Practise your swimming strokes.

-       Set yourself a distance challenge.

-       Ask a friend to time you over a distance of your choice.


If you have an opportunity practice bouncing or kicking a ball with a friend.


Ride your bike, scooter, roller blades or have a bounce on your trampoline.  


Kind regards,

The PE Team


Learning at Home

Tuesday  25th October 2011


Dear Year 1 Parents,


Due to the school being closed until Monday 7th November 2011 the Year 1 team have put together a bank of suggestions and ideas for the children to continue their learning whilst they are at home.  These activities have been chosen to reflect the children's learning needs. Please look through the activities and select those that will interest your child.


Reading Books

When reading, can the children become "Sound Detectives" and find all of the different sounds they have been learning in class? How many can you find in one book? (sh, ch, th, ng, ai, ee, igh, oa, oo, ar, or, ur, ow, oi, ear, air, er)

When they have finished reading a book, instead of the grown up asking the questions, see if the children can ask any about the book for others to answer. Remember to remind the children to use the question words at the beginning - why, where, when, who what and how. Some children may need some initial help to think of questions to ask and you can model how to look for information and then ask a question about it. With a little help they should get the idea. This is another good way for them to show their comprehension of the text.


Let's Celebrate!

Our new theme is all about celebrations around the world called "Let's Celebrate!" Over the course of this week the children would have been investigating the following questions:


Key Questions:

  • 1. Why does my family celebrate special occasions?
  • 2. What special occasions do we know about? (Birthdays, Tiger day, Loy Krathong, International Day, Chinese New Year, Christmas, Easter)
  • 3. How do we celebrate these special occasions? (dancing/food/people together/gifts/ /music/fireworks/presents/dress)
  • 4. How can we find out about other celebrations? (non-fiction books/pictures/video clips/experts/other people)
  • 5. How is my family's celebration of events different to other peoples?


Activities to do at home:

  • Discuss the above questions with your child.
  • Make a list of different celebrations you know about already.
  • Use different forms of media to research other celebrations for example; internet, magazines, books or perhaps talk to some family members about their special occasions.
  • Look through your family photos and share your experiences of the celebrations you have had as a family.
  • Make a poster all about a chosen celebration that is special to you - include things like photos, food, pictures, clothes, music and decorations.


Maths Activities and Links


Time and Money

  • Use vocabulary related to time; order days of the week and months
  • Solve problems involving counting, adding, subtracting, in the context of numbers, measures or money, for example to 'pay' and 'give change'


As this half term we will be looking at money it would be a good opportunity for your child to set up a shop at home. Talk about paying for items and receiving change. This can raise many discussion points: How much does that cost? Do you have enough money? How much change would you get? This will help to familiarise the children with the vocabulary we will be using.  Some useful words to use are: money, coin, note, baht, pay, change, buy, sell, price, spend.


The following websites will help the children's learning in relation to time and money.



We will continue to update the Year 1 website with further activities over the course of the next two weeks. Please check the website regularly for updates on the situation. We appreciate that Parent Conferences will not take place as planned. These will be rescheduled.


If you have any queries or questions about your child's learning please contact your child's teacher, EAL instructor or Learning Support teacher.


Year 1 Teachers


EAL Instructors


Learning Support


We will talk to the children once we are back at school and look at what they have done while they were at home. While they are at home it would be great if the children could make entries onto their class blogs or send any photos or examples of their learning to our email addresses so we can add it onto the blog.


Please check the school website before Monday 7th November for further updates and information. Thank you for all of your support with your children's learning at home, it is very much appreciated.

Please take care and stay safe - we look forward to seeing everybody soon.


Kind Regards,

The Year 1 Team.


Year 1 had a lot of fun on Tiger Day!

Year 1 had a lot of fun today (Friday 7th October) with all of their Tiger Day activities. We had a wonderful Tiger Assembly, with stories, songs and dancing and then we were visited by children from Year 5 who helped us with making a variety of Tiger creations. The children also brought in their 100 Baht notes (and more sometimes!) as a donation towards our central charity fund. Money from this is given to many deserving charities throughout the year.


Have a look at the photos and see what we got up to.


Mr. M.


IB Learner Profile Certificates

In our Year 1 Assembly this week, the Teachers awarded 2 certificates per class to children who they felt had recently demonstrated a variety of attributes from the IB Learner Profile. There are 10 attributes and they are:


1. Caring

2. Thinker

3. Knowledgeable

4. Inquirer

5. Communicator

6. Risk-taker

7. Open-minded

8. Balanced

9. Principled

10. Reflective


They were all very proud of their certificate and what they had done to achieve it - as you can see from the photographs! A big cheer and a round of applause was given to each and every one. Well done!! :)



The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Today the children got a chance to try out their drama skills and ‘Step out' the story Year One are looking at over the next 2½ weeks - "The Very Hungry Caterpillar"  by Eric Carle. ‘Stepping out' is a strategy that involves the children (and adults!) standing in a line and then taking a step every time a new thing happens in a story. That way, the children learn about sentences, paragraphs and even chapters as they demarcate the story into its different parts. Alongside this strategy, we then used Pie Corbett's Storytelling initiative where over a few weeks the children will imitate the story, innovate by changing certain details and finally inventing their own stories, based on the original text. The end product for this unit should be a caterpillar book in which the children have invented their own foods that the caterpillar eats. These books will hopefully then go into the children's Record of Achievement for them to take home and show their families!

Click here for more photos!


Welcome to Year One

Year One enjoyed their first day back at school and were able to meet their teachers and the people that will be working in their classrooms. The children all made new friends and were able to catch up with their K2 friends from their old classes too.


During the day children joined together collectively to learn about the Year One routines and see all the people that will be working within the year group this year.


see the pictures here

We look forward to working with your children during this fun packed year ahead.

The Year One Team  



Our final topic in Year 1 is ‘Dreams'. This topic will focus on fantasy lands, dreams and aspirations as the children get ready for their move to Year 2.

The children will be listening to different fantasy stories and will be looking at the different elements of a fantasy story, such as, settings, characters and magical objects. The children will be telling their own stories and will then move onto writing their own stories towards the end of the topic.

Some stories you might like to read with your child are: The Sandcastle, Billy's Bucket, Mr Benn, Where the Wild Things Are, The Magic Bed, Jasmine's Box, Magic Key books, Magic School Bus etc


Year 1 have been visited by Monks
Year 1 were visited by a group of 20 Monks this morning (Tuesday) and the children were able to make merit by giving alms to them. It was a wonderful occasion and one that the children thoroughly enjoyed. The visit was an ongoing part on "Our Wonderful World" topic and allowed the children to experience firsthand something very special to Buddhists in Thailand.

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